In Alkaseem (Saudi Arabia) we 4 use to live together. My mom, older sister, I and my younger sister Sonia. She was a very little girl, couldn't walk by herself. She uses to scroll all over the yard(In Bangla, Udhan) that's why all of her full pants were torn up at the knee.

When she gets born many neighbours came to see her. Mostly they give long cloth as a gift. In Saudi Arabia, there were a lot of flies. These flies always sit on food and also on kids' bodies. So, parents had to keep them covered with a long cloth. This was an important element to raise a kid in that desert area.

Sonia (My younger sister) didn't talk much when she was 1 year old. My mom thought this kid will take extra time to learn to speak.

She uses to scroll to the clinic and drink Vitamin syrups which were at the bottom selves, at her reach. My mom felt embarrassed but everyone liked this kid so much, no one ever tries to stop her.

Her hair was a little curly, light brown and she became very skinny. So, everybody thought she was a Saudi girl. As I told you before we were living in a desert area. The weather was very dry. Sonia uses to drink bottles of water. If it finishes, she cried out loud. But didn't want to let go of the bottle to refill with water. As she uses to drink a lot of water, so she didn't want to eat food. As a result, she became skinny soon.

One day my dad came to visit us. He was living in another city in Saudi Arabia. He performed Hajj first, then came to visit us. You know, after performing Hajj, men bold their heads, so he did too. When he arrived Sonia was on my mom's lap. A coloured bold man took her and smile, she got scared. She cried out loud. I have never seen her cried this loudly before. Mom took her back and went inside. She looked back over mom's shoulder and saw that guy is coming inside too. She shouted louder again.

Next year again dad came. This time he brought a lot of toys with him. He gave Sonia those toys first then came close to her. Those bribes worked. The second time, she didn't cry.

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