Biography 38: Taken help from a Bedouin family

 I don't have any road accident experience in Saudi Arabia. Then why I'm writing this post. Well, I heard from adults, and I wanted to put those memories over here.

In Saudi, I don't remember that I have seen any road speed sign. I was too little to look at. I don't remember even I had seen any speed limit sign in Bangladesh too. Anyway, in high ways, cars run like a bullet. Saudi people like to drive fast (Who doesn't). My mom said in an intersection she saw two cars touched slightly and then explode like a bomb. I assumed, because of speed.

My dad never experienced an accident. He was a good driver and he told us to alert on some major issues in Saudi high road.

1. Camels: They can come from know where (Maybe behind the bush or hill) and cross the road. It's a big mammal and your car will definitely destroy.

2. Sands: sometimes the wind blows sands and puts them on the road. As you are running too fast, this may cause trouble.

3. Sleep: in desert roads, you may feel sleepy often. You have to be careful always.

One day we went to the beach. When we were returning home, it was already dark. My dad made a mistake, he put the car on the sand and our car gets stuck. My dad tried very hard but couldn't take out of the car. Then a Bedouin (Local people call them Badoo) family came to help us out. First, they took us to their tent area. 

One thing I must say, I have never seen any people afraid of strangers in Saudi. Generally, all people are very friendly and helpful. So, when a couple of men came to help and ask girls to go to their tent area, we felt relieved. We saw all girls and kids are in the tent. They give us a mattress to sit on and give welcome drink Gahwa (A black coffee but the colour is red and mixed with spices). Adults like it and I felt the taste is bitter so I didn't want it. They speak with my mom in the Arabic language, which I have no clue about. They tried to feed us too, but my mom stopped them somehow.

After some time my dad came and said, these guys helped us with the car. They give some advice to handle this kind of problem. For them, this is an everyday problem. We thanked them and came back home.

It was an amazing night. I have seen lots of stars in the sky. I have expended a beautiful time with very nice bedouin girls. 

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