Biography 39: travel experience on highways in Saudi Arabia

 Saudi Arabia mainly a desert area. You will see only sands everywhere with some hills and mountains. I have seen the Himalayan and Mountains in Canada. But Saudi Mountains are totally different. You will see only rocks, big hard rocks. Their colours are different. No sign of mud or soil or plants. All hills are build of solid rocks.

One day I was travelling with my mom and other local people. It was a pickup truck. As usual, we were travelling through a desert. I became thirsty. The driver stopped the car and went outside. Then from the back open area, he brought a bag of water. It is called by local people "mesok" (As far as I remember).  It was outside in the sun. But when I drink water from it, I could the water was cold. Then the driver put it inside the car. Later when I asked for water again, he gave it from the same bag. But this time the water became warm. I didn't like that at all. I wanted to ask him to put the bag outside again. but couldn't get the courage. Later mom said mesok water became cold by the air. 

Whenever my dad drove us to another city we had to drive through the desert for hours. Saudi Arabia is a big country. The tradition was, my mom always sits at the front with my little sister Shekha. I had the total space in the back seat. So, I always slept in the back seat during the journey. I was only 5/6 years old girl. So, I could easily fit on it.

In one journey to Madina (Probably) two Bangladeshi men also joined us. Maybe my dad was giving them a ride. On that day, I didn't have space to sleep. So I went back to the storage space and lay on our suitcase. Then I slept on the suitcase.

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