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When we were living in Umluz (Saudi Arabia) we use to visit two other nearby cities, Yanbu and Alwaz (As far as I could remember the name), apart from Mocca and Madian. In Yanbu, there was an airport. Maybe international, that's why we had to go there. Because every year our parents visited Bangladesh, while they were in Saudi Arabia. The only thing I remember about the city that I'm waiting in a big hall in the airport. There weren't many people in that airport. The cleaners (Probably Bangladeshi) were cleaning/wiping the airport. One person started wiping the floor, when he is in the middle, another person started from the starting point. So, there is no chance become dirty.

The other city Alwaz was very interesting. It was a small city. The whole city is on a hill. (As my childhood memory said). When we go to the city, my dad drives up the hill. That was scary. Then we could see an open market. This city has a very good hospital. Many Bangladeshi doctors and nurses use to work here, including my mom's friends. We had visited their homes. In this city, my youngest sister Shekha gets born.

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