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My mom couldn't find a way, how she is going to raise 4 daughters and kept her job. Shekha was an infant, Sonia was a toddler, I was just 6 years old girl and my older sister was 9. On those days, there were no daycare or English medium schools available in our area.

So, our parents decided, they will send my older sister and Sonia to Bangladesh. So, Sonia and Boropa started living in Faridpur, my maternal grand parent's house. Boropa admitted to a Faridpur school. I and Shekha started living in Saudi Arabia. Shekha had to stay with mom because she just gets born. I was there because my mom needed a babysitter so that she can continue her job. Somehow my parents also understood, that I'm not good in study. My older sister was the best.

My new life started in Saudi Arabia. Very early in the morning my mom uses to prepare Shekha and put her in the baby stroller. Then Shekha stayed with me, the whole day. At noon in the lunch break, mom used to come back home and feed Shekha, then again went to her clinic. The clinic was in the same block. Sometimes, if she needed to change, I used to take her to the clinic. Shekha learned to live with me most of the time, she was the youngest, so as usual, she became my parent's favourite. Later she understood she didn't need to listen to what my parents ask her. But she always listened to me.

Other than holding Shekha, I use to wipe the floor, clean rice or lentil, wash baby clothes etc. When Shekha learned how to walk, she wanted to go to the roof. But in Saudi, the weather is always very hot. So, whenever she put her foot on the roof she felt her foot is burning and she started screaming as loudly as possible. We had to run and rescue her. The next day again she did the same. My parents had to put a permanent wooden barrier to stop her. After a couple of days, she learned how to go out under the barrier.

Shekha liked to play with water too. Especially in the bathroom, with the bucket of water. No matter how many times our parents asked her to come out, she never listened. But If I said, "Dara, Ashtaasi (Wait, I'm coming to get you)" she ran out from the bathroom, like a bullet. Because if I said, I will come, I will. 

I used to go to our front door neighbour's house to play with their girl Tina. And Shekha stayed with me. She didn't disturb us, stayed quietly in her stroller. Tina liked Shekha. She wanted to marry her younger brother with Shekha as Shekha looked very beautiful.

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