Nanit - The Baby Monitor That Thinks

 Our next neighbour was living in a two-storied building. One day my mom and I went there to see a newborn baby. We went inside the house. The baby was covered with a blanket. My mom asked something, they removed the blanket and I saw the baby was rolled up with a rope. Something like a mommy. The kid was fully dressed and sleeping. My mom was arguing with them. She showed me too. I didn't understand the Arabic language but could understand what was going on there. 

According to Saudi Culture, they think, if they don't bind up babies like that the hands and legs won't go straight. Like a newborn baby, it will keep bending even after growing up. My mom showed me for example, that even she let her grow me free, I'm 100% OK. But tradition can't go with one lecture. So, they kept their baby like that. I asked my mom later, why the baby also looked comfortable. She replied, "Babies like to stay cozy like that, so they kind of enjoy that."

In those days VCR was a new thing. We didn't have that. My dad's boss (A Saudi) told us, if we want to see any movie, we can bring a video cassette to their home and both families can watch it together. So, one day we went to their home. After dinner, we started watching the movie.

In general Saudi families don't keep any bed to sleep in. Their whole house is covered with carpets. Whenever kids feel sleepy they fall asleep wherever they are. In that home, kids started to fall asleep here and there. Their dad dragging them by their hands to a single room to sleep in for the rest of the night. Generally Saudi family has lots of kids.

Our parents watched this and told them, we better go now. We will watch the movie later.

As I was a kid I could to any room, for men or women. Everybody liked me. They liked kids. And wherever I went I have got some gifts. 

One day one uncle (Saudi host) gives me footballs. Small in size. I took. He asked my name. I told him. He opened the ball and wrote it down on the shell of the ball. Actually, it was a radio. I never could use it. When we bring it to Bangladesh, it wasn't working. My parent kept it for a long time, probably the battery was inside it. Poor me.

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