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 One day my dad came from work and he was very angry. He said someone put dirt on his car. Then he looked at me and told me, "Keep an eye on the car."

Our car uses to be parked at the roadside, in front of Tina's house. Because their house was at the front. We didn't get to the roadside house. Tina was the doctor's family's daughter. She was one year younger than me. So, I and Tina became alert. We started playing near the front area of Tina's house.

In the afternoon, we saw a bunch of boys (A little older than us) came on the road. They jumped up on our car and started singing and dancing on its body. I became so angry. They noticed two little girls were standing right beside the car. I told them, get down, now(In Bangla)! Maybe that hurt their boy's ego. They stopped jumping but didn't get down. Tina was very smart. She ran into our house to bring my dad. One of the boys, maybe the leader, told me something (In Arabic). Everyone laughed out loud. Well, that didn't make me feel good.

My dad came. He asked the boy (Leader) something. Then both talked (In Arabic), laughed and the boys left.

I and Tina looked at my dad with a question mark. Dad said, "He is our boss's son". Then he left too. Now we girls looked at each other.  What is in boss's son?

After that incident, the boys have never shown up. I don't know, what exactly happened between the two dads.

In this total incident, none of us scared that anything could happen to us. We always felt safe in that country (Saudi Arabia).

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