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 In Saudi Arabia, there is an animal almost like a sheep. It's called Dumba. It has far or wool like a sheep. But it had more. I'm guessing that helps them to protect themselves from direct sunlight in the desert. Their tail is very fat, not like a goat or sheep.

In Saudi, it's very common in villages that when a guest visits, they cut a Dumba and make a meal. To cut or Jobeh Dumba only one man involves. In Bangladesh, we will need 3/4 people. What they do is one person tighten up the legs and put one foot on it to hold and then use one hand to hold the Dumba's head and put the knife on its throat.

One day I saw my dad brought two goats. It stayed a couple of days at home. At night it kept making sounds if no one stands with it. I thought it only wants my company. I use to give it leaves which dad brought for the goat.

In Eid ur Azha, my dad with his friends made the Qurbani. They hung the goat in the backyard with the fence. Then my dad took the whole day to cut it into pieces.

Every Eid I have seen my mom invited all the known people. They are from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Egypt etc. My mom made Bangladeshi food (Special ones to celebrate). 

One day a guy also join us who wasn't on our invitation list. He's origin in Bangladesh but he is living in Saudi for generations. He doesn't know how to speak in Bangla. He was dressed up like a Saudi man. I mean he was wearing "Toap". It's like a maxi, mostly gents wear it in white colour. The common Saudi man's dress. This guest brought me a dress. It was a very beautiful expensive maxi for me. I wore it in Bangladesh too, later. He just wanted to meet with Bangladeshi people, on Eid day. He said, lots of things to me in Saudi, which I didn't understand.

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