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Biography 51: lake between Komolapur and Matijhil.

 In my childhood, we use to live with our paternal grandparents in their house. We were surrounded by our paternal aunts and uncle. Our grandparent's house was at Komolapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was near the Matijhil area. I remember there was a lake between our area and the Matijhil business area. People use to go there by boat. It was a small narrowboat. People use to stand on it. The boatman uses to move with a paddle or sometimes with a bamboo very carefully. It was shallow water. Sometimes the water was cover with Water Hyacinth (In Bangla Kachuri Pana). Mostly office-going people used that boat to go to work or to come back from work. My mom said it was cost 10 cents (In Bangla Poisha).

I remember we use to go to the lake with a very narrow path between two buildings. People use to make two-row, one to go and another to return.

Later, when we returned from Saudi Arabia, I wanted to ride that boat. But I guess by that time, the lake was covered or there was no lake anymore. It was situated behind the Bangladesh Bank.

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