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I was new in Bangladesh. I didn't know what Bangladeshi girls uses to play. I tried to play with them in school. Couldn't do well. For a change, I have created a new game. In Saudi Arabia, I knew we uses to sing this song in Madrasa and make a circle. Then we walk around by holding each other's hands and at the end of the song we sit. So, I have started this song as a poem and made this rule that when we sit, whoever sits at the end, that person will be out. So this way our ring will become smaller and at the end, we will find our winner. Soon this new game became very popular. I have seen girls from other classes are also playing it. I felt good, I have created this ;)

On those days I didn't know the lyrics, so whatever I remember I put them together. Today I found the real one ( I guess) and sharing it with you.


A pocket full of posies

A tissue, a tissue

We all fall down

The king has sent his daughter

To fetch a pail of water

A tissue, a tissue

We all fall down

The robin on the steeple

Is singing to the people

A tissue, a tissue

We all fall down

The wedding bells are ringing

The boys and girls are singing

A tissue, a tissue

We all fall down

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