Thursday, October 21, 2021

Biography 80: A friend from grade 2

 I have studied for 3 years in our neighbourhood school. I placed 2nd on the final exam of Grade 2. 

The first boy was very popular in the school. Everybody knew he is a very talented boy and looks very cute. I remember one day a parent came to our class to talk to the teacher. They found Sumon who was submitting his classwork to the teacher. They said that he is very cute and hold his chin and smiled at him. In that position, he kept talking with them. I was laughing, they are treating him like a 3 years old boy.

 Sumon was very frank with everybody. I mean with both boys and girls. I think he is the only boy to whom we all the girls use to talk. In that school, most of the students were from nearby houses. So, in the afternoon when go out to play, we meet with many of them. One day I and Buri (She is from our class) were talking in the playground. Sumon came to talk with us. I don't remember why both Buri and Sumon started arguing and trying to put each other down. Buri showed Sumon that he has a hole in his shirt near his underarm. Sumon didn't agree to accept it as a fault, he told her that is to get some air inside the body in this hot and humid season. Sumon also told Buri, even she has holes in her dress. Well, there were some, those were frock designs. But Sumon isn't ready to accept that. I remember I was just laughing and listening to their conservation.

One day Sumon declare in the class that he loves Buri. Buri felt really embarrassed. Even when we grow up, I mean when we were in the 10th grade, we use to make fun with Buri by saying Sumon is her soul met.

In Bangladesh, parents always try to put their kids in a better school. On those days in our neighbourhood, there is another school which is known as a better school. So, Sumon's parents moved him to that school from grade 3.

Within a year, we moved to our own house from the rented apartment, in the same area. Then I don't remember after how many years maybe 10 or more, I saw Sumon and his family became our neighbour. We didn't talk but I have seen him a couple of times from our window. Then they moved somewhere else again.

My cousin use to live with us. He knew Sumon. He told me that Sumon has joined the organization directed by professor Abu Syed. My cousin also joined there. Then Sumon's academic results went down. I never expected that. I thought he is a scholar and will always make good academic results.

Then no connection for a long time. One day I found him on a TV program. He was presenting a program related to ghost stories. It was a quite popular program. I understood, he has started showing his quality.

Then again, long time no news of him. I moved to Canada. One day I found him on FB. He is living in the USA with his wife and daughters. Now a day, I can see his talent with his writings on Facebook. He is my only friend who is from grade 2 and which I'm still connected with.

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