If you go to any market in Saudi Arabia, you will see they are selling big size plates. Those are not just serving plates. People eat on those plates.

Whenever we visited anybody's home, they serve us food with fragrant rice and meat. In South Asia, we called in Biriyani. But Saudi people made it in a little different way. They put lots of tomatoes in it and all cooks mainly with Garam masala. That rice is called Kapcha. Maybe because of Garam masala, the fragrance of the food is amazing and the taste is very delicious.

First, They put the plate on the carpet, then they will put rice on that big plate and at the top, they will put the meat. It could be chicken or Dumba (A kind of lamb). Salads will be added. Then all the people will sit around that plate. Some plates are too big that 30/40 people can eat at a time.

As far as I understand, it is the joy of eating together. In Saudi, there is no rule that men will eat first, then women. Like we see in South Asia. Over there men and women will eat at the same time in different rooms. The host will join too. All take food together. The host always keeps an eye on the guests, who are liking which item (All items are mainly mixed with the rice).  Then the host will give more of that item to that guest before they ask for it. After taking food all guests helps the host to clean up everything. Then they sit together and enjoy the time, mostly by talking with each other.

Little different culture than the Bangladeshi or Canadian. But nice and warm. This tradition is not only for the guests. The family members also eat like this. 

They are also aware of other cultures. Sometimes they offer us small plates, as we were kids and not eating much. The host noticed and guessed maybe we were not used to eating on the big plate.

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