I have seen in Saudi, authorities don't bother what is kid's footwear is. In Canada, as long as you are wearing running shoes, the school doesn't bother what is its design or colour. 

But Bangladeshi schools are very strict with shoes. Kids had to wear given colour's school shoes. Which are specially designed to wear in schools. Generally, kids don't wear them in other places.

I like running shoes. I have seen school girls always like to wear fancy shoes in school. They did it, hiding from the teachers. I never did. Mostly because I am very obedient to rules. But another reason is I like running shoes. I wear it whenever it is possible. I know it looks odd with some dresses. You know, a woman can't wear running shoes with all dresses. Especially in the workplace. So I had to buy another kind of shoes.

My next favourite footwear was high heels. I stopped wearing that because I found boys feel ashamed if they found a girl taller than them. So, I have changed all of my sandals and shoes flat. Now even if I try I can't wear high heels. I became used to wearing flat shoes. It's healthy too.

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