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 When our house was getting ready, I use to visit that place. I liked to see how they mix all the materials with cement, then put bricks one after another, how they do all of the woodwork for doors, windows etc. I think every kid likes to watch construction work. Sometimes I felt I can do those work too. Never get a chance to do it.

In those days many workers use to come and work, like construction labours, woodworkers, electricians and many more. I even didn't know all of them. Most of them were very nice to us. I understood because we were the owner's kids. One of them was very nice to our family. He use to give hugs all. Especially me. He didn't do anything else, just hug. And I felt very uncomfortable. When he tried to hug me I use to run away. But he run after me, laughing and told me, "You have to give me some affection (In Bangla 'Ador')  before you go". Then got me somehow and give me a tight hug. I hate it so much.

He use to do this in front of everyone. I told my mom, I don't like this guy. My mom asked, why? I couldn't say why, because he just hugged me.

I started avoiding that building. Unless all work is done. Keep distance from that guy as much as possible. Like when he comes to us to meet our parents I use to stay in my own room. Not to give him any more chance.

One thing, I want to tell all parents and adults. If any kid says about anyone that I don't like him/her, don't force them to meet with that person. Let them stay away from them. I am not saying everyone is an abuser. But kids can't say more, if anyhow they express their feelings, respect that and help them to feel safe.

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