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 In the Bangladesh Shishu Academy, every month they use to arrange some functions on several occasions. Students from dance and singing class use to perform over there. 

My mom has good relation with the program manager. She is now settled in the USA. Mom asked her, why don't they add performance from the guitar class? She wasn't stubborn, she listened to the suggestion and from the next function, students from the guitar class also started performing. This is how my older sister also gets a chance to do stage performances. I have done both dance and singing performances on stage. Even once I joined with the guitar performers too. No, I didn't play guitar, though I knew a little bit. I was with them by playing (In Bangla Jhunjhuni) rattle.

Sometimes our dance teacher took us to his private performances in different places. Now I can assume he got paid for those.

As I said, we became very used to performing on stage. So this became one of our favourite time pass activities at home. At the top of the wardrobe, table, chair, stools or any flat thing used as a stage and we four sisters use to perform on that. This activity was generally done at noon when my mom and dad use to sleep at the weekend. We never understood when our voice or noise became so loud that always at the end my mom used to come to us very angry (Because she couldn't sleep) and beat us up. That means show-stopped this way.

I use to dance everywhere in the house and anytime, whenever I felt like it. Like wearing a new dress or somehow I became happy etc. One day I was dancing on the wooden big wardrobe (In Bangladesh furniture is made very strong of wood). It was one of our regular stages. I noticed through the window this place is visible from a local grocery store. A few boys were watching me and laughing. First I felt a little embarrassed, then I said, it's ok, let them do whatever they want.

Usually, I don't mind what other people think about me. Unless they started disturbing or harmful to me.

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