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My mom brought a few water bottles for us from Saudi Arabia. She used to give them with us when we were going to those Academies. In Bangladesh, supply water isn't recommended to drink directly. So, we always use to boil the water first. 

Taking water bottles in the Academy isn't a common thing. I remember one day one of my classmates (She was older than me 5/6 years) told me, why don't you bring bed and baggage too in the class. I didn't answer her. Generally, I don't answer negative words. I just don't want to encourage any fight. But they did hurt me. Anyway, water bottles were actually for my younger sister. When they stopped going to the Academy, I stopped carrying them too.

Another day I saw those girls go to the washroom and drink the water. You know, what is the condition of a common washroom can be. So, yeah, this makes me feel a little better.

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