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Black Girl Sunscreen Review

I am in the thick of Summer, and for me that means lounging at the pool and the beach! For a brown girl, this presents a special challenge. Why? Sunblock, that's why! Lots of us sisters with melanin find it hard to find the right sunscreen that will not turn our faces Casper-the-ghost-white. To be honest, I usually don't even wear sunscreen on my face for fear that I will end up looking like a Little Debbie Star Crunch cake. Well, Black Girl Sunscreen has accepted the challenge. I've always trusted that my black-girl-magic skin would fend for itself.  Then one day after floating face-up in the pool in Orlando, Florida, I ended up with peeling forehead skin. Not a good look, so I knew it was time to be an adult about it & find a facial sunscreen.


The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly

Just to let you know, this post is not sponsored. I paid out of my own pocket to try this product. The good thing about this product is its sheer consistency and the way that it goes on invisibly. It also did its job and kept my forehead from peeling. The bad part about Black Girl Sunscreen is the cost. This 3 oz. bottle set me back about $23 including shipping. Twenty-three dollars! That's a lot for a sunscreen. The ugly part of the experience is that after two separate times wearing the sunblock, I've determined that it broke my skin out. Ugh! That was exactly why avoided applying sunscreen to my face to begin with. Let's be real, despite it not being non-comedogenic to my skin, for $23, I'm not going to throw it out. I'll continue to use it when I know I'm going to spend a couple of hours basking in the summer sun. 

The Verdict

Just because this product clogged my pores, doesn't mean it will do the same to you. While this sunscreen wasn't a Godsend for me, I loved the fact that it went on invisibly and was super lightweight. Even more, I love the fact that the makers of Black Girl Sunscreen took notice and tried to help a sister out.  For those reasons, I'd still recommend you try this product if you're in the market for a little fun in the sun.  

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