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According to the official website of the U.S. Post Office “Each year, the Postal Service™ designates the third full week of May as Mailbox Improvement Week to encourage customers on city motorized, rural, or contract delivery service routes (formerly highway contract box delivery routes) to examine and, where necessary, improve the appearance of their mailboxes.”

Postal Service regulations as well as any local mailbox regulations determine the specifications a mail receptacle must include for official use.

The schematic* below displays just partial regulations of how the holding post should configured including the hex bolt and washers used.

For curbside delivery of mail, your local Postmaster must give prior approval that the mailbox conforms generally to the same requirements as approved manufactured curbside mailboxes relative to the flag, size, strength, and quality of construction.

Because of this many folks feel hesitation in changing their mail box even though their current box is drab and lacking in personality. You will want to purchase a box that has an official seal of approval. Professional mail box manufacturers/providers guarantee that their products will meet all regulations and guidelines required by your local Post Office.

A drive along any given street reveals the truth mentioned earlier regarding a hesitation to change a rusting, drab, or dull mailbox. However, taking this same drive and noticing that someone does have a custom box, your eyes go to it right? I often travel along this one residential street to visit family. One day a mail box appeared that was shaped like a fire truck. I remember thinking the first time that I saw it that it was a bold statement for the resident to have chosen. This said every time I drive down this street, for split second, my eyes are drawn to that mailbox. It is a unique personal display that I do not have to read, agree or disagree with. It adds a personality to that part of the street. It is also a landmark. I have used that mailbox to instruct people that, once they notice it, they are taking the next right! This type of addition to allows passersby a moment to share something with the owner of the novelty box and perhaps feel they know just a little something about the resident of the home 

Break free! Bling out your box! Show your personality whether your personal brand is whimsical, comedic, cute, stately, regal, or artistic!


Images courtesy of The Mailbox Works

These days there are so many more designs to own and display! There are bird and animal shapes. Fish and boat shapes, golfing, barns, tractors, churches, sailboats and many more!

Let’s talk durability! Technological advances allow professional mailbox providers to guarantee the durability and quality of mailboxes. Powder coating and vinyl coated numbers and lettering can last 7 years or more. A mailbox made with metallic bronze will patina nicely over time with minimal effort on your part. Consider the new aluminum sheeting technique as well.

Professional mailbox providers not only offer these options to enhance the life of your mailbox, but also have parts replacement for moving parts. Look for providers that will waive shipping fees when a minimum amount is spent. This is a big savings as shipping by volume (the size of the package rather than weight of the package) results in a much higher fee!

If you value individuality this is surely one unique way to express it! Consider each time you go to pick up your mail. Even after much time has passed, you will still recognize the feeling of individuality you have created.

The Postal Service™ requires the below list of six minimum aspects of your mail box:

1. Approved by the Postmaster General.
2. Fully operational.
3. Designed to protect the mail from weather.
4. Safe to use.
5. Conveniently located.
6. Neat in appearance

Have some fun! Break Free! Bling out your mail delivery!

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