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Our next feature in the PRK Products blog series regarding
baby food options focuses on baby food in pouches. This is a relatively new way
to store and serve baby food and I have investigated the pros and cons of this
product. PRK aims to provide information that is helpful to parents who have
concerns about baby food products. Read below to find out more about baby food
in pouches.

A new trend in the business of baby food is pouch packaging.
Industry leaders include Happy
, Plum Organics and Sprout. One pouch is generally
equivalent to a 2.5 ounce jar of baby food. 
These brands carry food in multiple stages for consumption as your child
grows. The biggest bragging point for these baby food companies is that their
food is organic (at least 96% organic), however, this can be said for jarred
food as well. So let’s breakdown the highlights and lowlights of baby food


As mentioned above, the first and foremost positive remark
made about baby food in pouches is that the food is organic. Happy Baby, for
instance, prepares “premium organic meals for your family that truly nourishes
their bodies and supports their growth (happybabyfood).” Sprout, Plum Organics,
Mashups, and Ella’s Kitchen are other companies that offer a variety of organic
baby food in pouches. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find non-organic
food in pouches. The only example of this that I found was Gerber’s “graduates”
line of food for toddlers. This product is served in a pouch but is not
organic. Along with many flavor verities you can also find kosher certified
baby food in pouches.

Second on the list highlighting the value of food pouches is
accessibility. When reading reviews from mothers across the country, this was
as common theme. Pouches allow you to pack meals for your baby easily and with
less mess. They seem a perfect fit for flights, picnics, and when eating out at
restaurants. For some, another benefit has become letting their child feed
himself by learning to squeeze out the food on his own.   


Another feature of food in pouches is that the packaging is
shatter proof. Unlike glass jars, it is unlikely to break a pouch and cause any
harm. This benefit is also appreciated when packing and storing baby food.

The pros of the pouch design include a re-sealable zipper that
allows you store unused food in the refrigerator. The “gusset shape” patented
by Sprout, is a curved bottom that imitates a bowl, making it easier to serve.
Lastly, the packaging is made of BPA-free layers and the innermost layer, next
to the food, is made of polypropylene, which has been found to be non-harmful.


According to proper debate format for every affirmative
constructive argument, there will be a rebuttal. For almost every positive
remark made about food pouches there is a corresponding negative view. As
stated in prior posts, organic baby food is also available in jars and plastic
square containers. Thus, food in pouches has not captured the market on this
health concise food variety. A leader in organic, jarred food is Earth’s Best.
Visit for more
information on this brand of organic food.

While it may be easy to throw a pouch of baby food into your
diaper bag, be aware that pouches can split open. Inspect the pouch before you
purchase because accidental tears can happen in the delivery process. Also be
very aware of the plastics tops that are affixed on some baby food pouches. The
concern over choking is minimal, yet possible. And while allowing your child to
“squeeze his food” out for himself seems like a time saver please do not forget
the important value of feeding your child with a spoon. This is thought to be a
very important step in child development and the first real phase of learning
to feed himself properly.

The pouch packaging has come a long way in health safety.
The packaging promises to be BPA-free and its foil lining non-toxic. However,
there is still much to be done in the arena of environmental safety. At this
time Sprout pouch packaging is not recyclable as indicated on their website.
This is also true of Happy Baby products.

Finally, the great debate about cost. Of course there are
coupons and savings when you buy in bulk, but the bottom line is baby food in
pouches is the most expensive food available. An 8-pack of HappyBaby apricot
& sweet potato (3.5 ounces) retails for $8.72, $1.09 each on  Conversely, a 16-pack of Gerber
Organic sweet potato (3.5 ounces) retails for $12.99, $0.81 each.

PRK Products believes in researching multiple brands of baby
food in order to find the best fit for your child. There are many good options
in stores today and this blog series is intended for informational purposes
only, or as they say, food for thought.



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