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Blogging. Oh Why Do I Bother?

Today I woke up in a bit of an icky mood. Aside from the fact that I rose at 5:30 (not willingly) my freshly bathed dog rolled in crap and two giant zits had sprung up like weeds on my face sometime during the night. Fantastic. I thought people my age weren't supposed to get zits anymore.

With my less than wonderful disposition this morning came the question I ask myself once in a while "Why? Why? Why do I write this blog?" It started as a way for me to post some photos along with a short anecdote I thought one or two people might enjoy. My readership grew (thanks everyone!) a bit and now I feel as if I've hit a wall.

I certainly don't blog for the money. But I WOULD LOVE TO. Yes I would. I would LOVE to promote your newfangled prosciutto and M&M diet, that lovely smelling extra strength hair removal cream for that unkempt bush you keep pestering your Grandma about, or that amazing new children's clothing line made entirely from recycled aluminum foil. Did I say I WILL PROMOTE YOUR CRAP? I TOTALLY WILL. Would it be selling out? Um, no.

Here's my dilemma which I'm sure my fellow bloggers can understand. How can I attract more readers to my blog? Aside from tattooing READ MY BLOG on my forehead, I've got nothing.

Perhaps I need a gimmick....

Giveaways? A few months ago I tried giving away free egg rolls, but I received a rash of complaints from the winners. Apparently egg rolls do not ship well.

Maybe I should I go with my other idea. I seem to be able to get pregnant pretty easily, so maybe I can get knocked up with 6 or 8 or 10 kids and have the babies LIVE on the Internet. Then I can buy a big bus and travel around and sign autographs like those nut jobs Jon & Kate or that super creepy Duggar family with 18 kids. 18 kids? They are a tad odd in my opinion.

Now I do not live on Fantasy Island and think I can attain super duper queen blogger status like Heather Armstrong over at dooce (a big thank you to some of Heather's readers for following my site) But for now I will continue to write and hopefully a few more people will find my blog and maybe, just maybe, a giant pile of money with fall out of the sky onto my computer. I won't be holding my breath though.

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