Blogging Truths Be Told: Blogging’s for the Worker Ant (Part 2)

What do ants do for fun? Because as far as I can tell, they’re all work and no play. I mean, they aren’t playing around when it comes to GETTING THINGS DONE. Whether the worker ants are tending to the ant babies, scavenging for food, or building the nests, they have an unrelenting work ethic that keeps them on the move.

Why can’t people be like worker ants? You know . . . just be programmed to be “on” pretty much all of the time? Think about the amount of tasks we could get accomplished if our worker mindsets were framed that way.

But, wait a minute. Now that I’m carefully reflecting upon what I just said, maybe I shouldn’t compare the work ethic of a human being with an ant’s. Why? Well, because we could literally work ourselves to death if we wholeheartedly took on an ant working perspective.

So, I’ll just settle for saying that it would be great if people could be more like ants when it comes to the work department. That sounds more realistic — more doable. And here’s why . . .

Personally-speaking, you mess with my downtime and it’s going to make for a really unbalanced me. I mean how do you feel when you have periods where it seems as if you’re in a revolving cycle of uninterrupted tasks that are continuously spinning you round and round until they’ve dizzied every ounce of balance right out of you? All work and no play doesn’t fare well in the human experience. You have to find the appropriate balance of the work-on/work-off dichotomy in these busy lives we live.

But, I’m not focusing on work-life balance in this blog post. I hope you don’t mind. I’m actually all about the work today. And as I promised last week, I plan on giving you a list of work-related functions you’re going to assume (if you’re new to blogging and don’t know any better OR know better and refuse to do what you need to in order to see results in the blogosphere). Either way, you’ve got to face the facts. Blogging ain’t easy and I’m going to paint a realistic word pictograph of what “ain’t easy” in blogging looks like. Blogging progress requires hard work.

And I must say that I’m excited to be doing another set of lists for this blog. Mainly, because I haven’t done a lengthy list for awhile and I’m just itching to do so. (I love, love, love lists). And slightly, because I don’t think you want to spend 30-minutes (maybe just 5 or so) reading my blog post about all the work you may find yourself doing as a blogger. I think my list-making efforts will help to condense the word count on this post from what it potentially could look like if I tried typing everything out.

Therefore, I’m giving you a little break on reading my typewritten stuff. But, I do want you to fill in the blanks and do your own research on anything in the lists that you’re not familiar with as a blogger. There will come a time when you need to know about each of the items on the lists (below) and put them into practical use within the blogosphere, according to where you are in your content journey.

So, without further ado, here I go with the list of blogger to-dos:

Content Creation and Distribution

Here’s where all the transactional “writing process” stuff takes place — from the idea for the blog post all the way to the publishing of the blog post. In my opinion, this list of to-dos carries the most weight in the blogging process. All tasks center around the CONTENT. If you don’t have content, you don’t have a blog. And virtually, all of the other task categories (stated below) will become irrelevant.

In this work category, you will:

  • brainstorm ideas for blog posts.
  • research info to include in blog posts.
  • write blog posts.
  • edit blog posts.
  • publish blog posts.

Human Resources Management 

The funny thing about Human Resources Management is that you have to have people involved in order for this discipline to even be in existence. So, if you have employees or volunteers assisting you with your blogging process, then this section will most certainly apply. And if not, then you’re currently on the solopreneur track and not tending to the following activities. You might in the future though, so listen up.

In this work category, you will:

  • have to vet the candidates for your blogging business.
  • perform the oversight on the whole on-boarding process (hiring process).
  • take care of all employee/volunteer relations functions (performance appraisals, rewards and recognition, disciplinary actions outside of firing, firing, etc.).
  • train your staff initially per the job description and for new roles and responsibilities they assume in the future.
  • perform the oversight of all the transactional and legal work associated with having staff working for your blog business such as record-keeping, audits, payroll and benefits, reporting to employment agencies, etc.).

Information Technology

Here’s where you get to put your nifty computer tech skills to work. And you don’t have to be a tech whiz to take on the work challenges that will arise when dealing with online platforms.

In this work category, you will:

  • choose a website host and domain name registrar, if going the self-hosted route.
  • create a blog theme or choose a pre-made blog theme.
  • set up blog layout and features (whether self-hosted or not) and provide maintenance and updates.
  • learn how to navigate throughout the blog website in order to do the transactional work (stated under the “Content Creation and Distribution” category list).
  • troubleshoot problems with the operation of the content management system you’re using.


Well, what can I say about marketing that I haven’t already said in Blogging Truths Be Told: Marketing is So Cringey and Blogging Truths Be Told: Marketing is So Cringey – (Part 2)? Well, I should probably say something nice, so here it goes. Marketing is an essential function of any successful online venture, so there’s no getting around it. How’s that for “nice”? Honestly, it’s probably the next most important work category (second only to “Content Creation and Distribution”). Marketing activities make sure that the content you create gets in the hands of the people who care about it and can benefit from it. Do marketing right and you’ll find yourself on a continuous blogging growth path.

In this work category, you will:

  • learn and apply content marketing strategies.
  • learn and apply search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.
  • engage in social networking functions.
  • learn about platform-related and external advertising along with how, when, and where to use it.
  • establish brand recognition of your content across all the platforms you participate on.

Public Relations

One attribute of blogging that you need to be highly aware of is its ability to form a community. This community is built up of fellow bloggers and content creators as well as all your readers that have a vested interest in you and the content you’re publishing on your blog. Not everyone will agree with your vision or encourage you in the direction you take your content creation journey. But, such is life. You have to make sure you wholeheartedly know your “Why” and are true to what your purpose-driven mission is in your blogging. Once you let the “real” you hang out and consistently reveal that honesty to anyone who has an ear to receive YOU and your message, then your community will organically formulate over time. And once you have your community (even if it’s just one or two people), make sure you nurture and cultivate it or it’ll wither away over time.

In this work category, you will:

  • respond to emails, delivering great customer service.
  • respond to comments on your blog and on your social media, delivering great customer service.
  • collaborate with other content creators.
  • participate in guest posts.
  • engage in in-person or online community events.

Visual Artistry

This one seems self-explanatory, don’t you think? It’s geared toward drawing people in to your content by way of what appeals to their eyes. So, anything you can visually create to entice people to transfer their focus (even if it’s just for a few minutes or a few seconds) from everyone else’s content to yours is a welcomed opportunity and one to be continuously worked on each and every day. Paying attention to what people gravitate toward is one of those “Blogging Truths Be Told” that you simply can’t afford to ignore. People like the visuals, so bring it on (but in an appropriate fashion, of course). No distasteful pictures allowed.

In this work category, you will:

  • take pictures and edit them to work with your blog posts.
  • hand-create or digitally create graphic images or use the images from a graphic design platform.
  • learn to navigate within a graphic design platform and use its pictures or graphics for your blog posts.
  • research the best combination of text and photo/graphic layouts to work with SEO.

Alright, I’m just about ready to wrap this post up. (Bet, you’re glad about that.) But, thank you if you’re planning on reading this post through to the end. I really appreciate it. Anyway, what I wanted to conclude with is . . .  

I’m 100% certain that I’ve left out some tasks that bloggers do; and if you pinpoint some more, feel free to mentally add them to this list that I’ve started. Let’s face it. Bloggers do soooooooooooooo much. There’s no shortage of tasks to keep them busy from day to day. And the format in which I laid out the work may seem quite elementary to you, my dear; but, it’s anything but. Blogging is complex. And finding that sweet spot where you’re doing what you love, serving people in a genuine way, and seeing success from your efforts takes some concentrated trial-and-error, patience, and stubborn persistence. 

As I look at the laundry list of tasks mentioned throughout this post, the worker ant mentality comes to mind. It seems like you have to be a worker ant in order to accomplish the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly blogging list of to-dos that just never quite go away. You’ll be seeing those bad boys over and over again in a very cyclical pattern. So, the sooner you learn to appreciate the blogging process with all of its glorious aspects as well as its frustrating quirks, the better.

However, I want to conclude on this note. Balance is key in anything you do. Because we’re not programmed like robots or inherently created to function exactly like the worker ant, we can’t be expected to flawlessly operate at peak work performance ALL OF THE TIME. We will have “off” days — days where we don’t feel well, or days we must tend to priorities outside of the blogging agenda, or days when we need moments to rest our minds and bodies. The list goes on and on. We have a myriad of legitimate reasons for taking breaks from the grind. But, we should never use our downtime (break time) to find ways to take ill-advised shortcuts in the extraordinary responsibility we have as bloggers — the honorable responsibility of affecting people in positive, thought-provoking, and life-enriching ways with our words.

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