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Blogging Truths Be Told: Stalking Your Numbers and Comparing Them to Others - (Part 2)

Today is a day for continuation . . . specifically, continuation of the discussion from last week's Blogging Truths Be Told: Stalking Your Numbers and Comparing Them t.... Since I wasn't completely finished with my thoughts from last Friday, I've decided to unload the rest of them on you this fine day. And just so you know, the rest of what I share is more of a cry for action -- no, I meant to say call to action. I hope you don't mind.

Well, let's proceed. 

Every content creator has his or her own unique journey. The individual journeys we all go through have a lot to do with our mindsets, our work ethics, our outlooks, the goals that we've set, our circumstances, our influences, and factors that are outside and inside of our control.

But what I would say is . . . anyone who wants the numbers will have to work for the numbers. Do work that is meaningful to you and it will be meaningful to someone else. This is the call to action that's universal for us all. I guarantee there'll be someone out there that jives with you and others you'll reach through your consistency in positive efforts. But what you do has to be a part of you. It has to mean something to you; because when you don't "see" the numbers, or the responses, or the outcomes you're wanting to see right away, there has to be something that keeps you going forward -- that keeps you moving in a direction that you're passionate about.

And if numbers is what drives you, then I'm afraid your journey might end before it even starts. Creating content is not for the get-rich-quick, get-recognition-quick, overnight sensation seeker. There's too much information overload for audiences and too much access to so many different outlets and platforms that there's rarely a way -- unless you're at the exact place at the perfect time -- to be an instant success as a content creator.

For the most part, what it takes to get the numbers is a passion about what you're doing, knowing the "why" for what you're doing, and working extremely hard (with a lot of stubborn persistence to keep pursuing growth). And when you grow in your purpose, your numbers will grow. It's just one of those fascinating phenomena that are truly hard to explain in words. You almost have to go through the experience in order for it to become real to you. Growth and the growing pains that come with it have a way of creating so many incredible "A-Ha" moments that take you through a process of refining.

So, I just want to say that when you hear people telling you not to be concerned with your numbers, in theory, they're correct. Putting your focus and energy into metrics is usually not a good thing, because the numbers shouldn't be what drives you. The actual work (meaningful work) that you're doing is what should drive you. In all actuality, you should want to be knowledgeable (or at least aware) of your website metrics, so that you can give the appropriate areas of concern some much-needed attention and improve your processes. Numbers should be used for informational purposes to help you get better (at what you're doing), not to feel worse (about what you're not).

But you know what? To this very day, I check my metrics daily and multiple times throughout the day. Again, I'm human. It's just going to happen until I have a comfortability about where I am in my growth process. And I'm not going to be hard on myself because I stalk my numbers and occasionally compare my findings to others. I want to grow. I want to improve. I want to progress and keep pushing forward, until I come out like pure gold because of the refining process that becoming a better content creator is bound to take me through. 

And if I don't see the results I want to in the time I want to, I still plan on refusing to give up on the refining process. I'm just that stubborn and just that determined to succeed at what I'm doing here at Degrees of Maternity. I'm passionate about what I'm doing and believe that I'm making a small dent of positivity in the overwhelming negative world around me; therefore, the daily drive becomes increasingly stronger within me. 

Furthermore, I'm becoming more careful with my tendency to formulate comparisons. I still look at more established creators and desire to be where some of them are, but I desire to get there on my own terms. As I stated earlier, "every content creator has his or her own unique journey" to go through. I'll never desire to have someone else's journey, because what's for me is for me. And, I won't trade my experiences for anyone else's. My experiences have gotten me to where I am today and developed me into the person I am today; so I'll rest contently in that.

My advice to anyone in a creative space who's vying for the attention of a very preoccupied world is to hang in there. Hard work with some perseverance and belief in what you're doing to make the world a more positive place to live in will work with time instead of against it. Don't give up. Keep plugging along (focusing on the process and the purpose for what you're doing) and your numbers will eventually come. And when they do, make sure you're ready for the increasing level of responsibility and accountability that comes along with it. WHY?

Because your content matters in someone's life.

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