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Blogging Truths Be Told: Why Can't I Just Blog?

(Originally published at on March 19, 2021)

Today is a "Blogging Truths Be Told" day, so I have to come out with it. Here "it" goes. Have you ever just stopped in your tracks and thought, "I really hate this part of my job, but I know I have to do it because it's a means to an end -- a step to get me to my end goal? And maybe "hate" is too harsh of a word. Let's go with "extremely dislike." That sounds more bloggingly-correct.

So have you -- stopped to think about why you do what you do when you don't enjoy doing it?

And if so, what makes you keep going forward with those tasks that you extremely dislike? Truly, I would love to hear your perspective on the matter, so comment away.

And in the meantime, let me just share a thing or two about end goals (from my perspective) . . . they're usually not easy. In fact, it almost seems as if they're actually designed to shuffle out some unpleasantries here and there for the goal seeker. 

Here, let me just give you an example of a few of my least favorite things (task-related) that are associated with or influence my blogging. I hate (oops, I mean, dislike):

  1. Search Engine Optimization - Does it even work? I mean, really. People talk about it all the time, but are they just whistling in the wind and "coincidentally" seeing progress in their success based on longevity and consistency verses all their so-called tips and tricks regarding keywords and trendy stuff? I often wonder about this, because it doesn't always seem that SEO is a one-size-fits-all solution for ALL content creators. I'm not knocking it, though. If it works for you, it works for you. So, I'll go with that. But I'd rather just blog for the pure enjoyment of the process rather than purposely worrying about the most advantageous words to utilize to draw attention from search engines that don't have a personal interest in my content. That's just my perspective on the matter. You can take it or leave it.
  2. Marketing - Well, what can I say about marketing? Can I say that it's not my cup of tea? Well, no it's not and I don't even like tea all that much. I will say this. No use in reinventing the wheel, when I already possess the whole wheel within two "Blogging Truths Be Told" blog posts. So, I'll need for you to check out the following articles, Blogging Truths Be Told: Marketing is So Cringey and Blogging Truths Be Told: Marketing is So Cringey – (Part 2). They'll give you all the info you need on my thought processes when it comes to marketing efforts. No need to repeat the posts here when you can read them for yourself there.
  3. Anything Too Technical - Because I'm not a techie. I've been very forthcoming with the fact that I'm not a technologically-savvy person. And, I don't want to be either. Tech, especially online variations of technology, just doesn't float my boat. I'm sorry. Everyone has certain tasks they gravitate toward and thoroughly enjoy and tasks they'd rather assign to someone else (someone who enjoys the tasks they don't). And techie stuff falls in the latter category for me. I actually have a houseful of family members who are so much better at technology than I'll ever aspire to be, including my 10-year-old. Too bad they're all busy living their lives and working on their own goals and have no time to take over all of the stuff I extremely dislike doing. (But I have to admit that they've managed to pull away from their busy schedules to take on some of my "undesirables" from time to time, which is much appreciated when it happens.) And since I'm a solopreneur at this point in my creative entrepreneurial journey, I've had to learn a thing or two about online platforms and how to set them up and navigate within them just enough to be a little dangerous and actually get work done. But, I'd much rather spend my time creating content that I and others enjoy and personally engage with human beings face-to-face (instead of through a computer screen) in meaningful ways that bring positive enrichment to their lives.
  4. Social Media - Can I just say that I really, really, really don't enjoy social media? I don't even know if I should be telling you all this, but I really don't enjoy social media. It's just one of those "means to an end" things that I've been doing. Going through the motions, you know. But, I don't have an actual liking for those outlets of communication. Twitter is short form content, so it's not like I can communicate there like I do here. The best I can do is just attach a link with my blog posts as they're published and hope I can gather some interest from the Tweeters over there. But, it seems like more people are interested in nonsense rather than common sense. So, I'm a miniscule presence on Twitter. And then there's YouTube, which I've been completely nonactive on for months now. Reason being: I'm just not a person comfortable with talking to the camera. And, I don't know if I'll ever be, so no use in wasting peoples' time over there until I'm ready to come full force with that platform. Lastly, there's Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest. Honestly, I don't know what in the world is going on with Pinterest these days. Each week, my monthly views go up and down more than the temperatures outside this time of year. And, I don't have the wherewithal to find out what's up with all of this back and forth right now. Again, can't I just write and people find me and like my stuff?
  5. Several mini, nitpicky things - I could definitely add more items to the list, but I'll reserve those extras for another time, perhaps. I think the BIG FOUR that I listed above are enough for now. Wait. Okay, I'll give you just one more. → Photography - I'm not about to become a photographer; there's no inkling of an interest in it for me at all. (I don't even like to get my picture taken, so I'm definitely not a picture taker.) That's why I say, "THANK YOU CANVA! YOU ARE MY LONG LOST PHOTO FRIEND!"

Now that you've seen my list of dislikes, I have to flip the script and mention that they all have their place in a Creative's content journey. No matter how much I hate to admit it, they simply do. And, that's why you've heard me state in prior blog posts that I'm finding it necessary to search out these areas of discomfort and work on making them more comfortable. Let me tell you the two reasons why: 1) all successful creators turn challenges into learning opportunities that work in their favor and 2) Degrees of Maternity is not the only blog out there.

There are so many other people vying for the same space and attention from others that I'm seeking and I can't pretend that my content is more important than everyone else's, because it's not. Well, it's highly important to me, but you know what I mean. Everyone deserves to be heard and will be heard by someone out there; so give it your best shot, Creatives.

But just know these few helpful tidbits if you don't pick up anything else in what I'm saying in this blog post.


  • work extremely hard in this creative space.
  • have tasks to do that you don't necessarily enjoy but will get through because they're a means to an end (goal).
  • wear all the hats (even the ones you don't want to wear) until you can get some help
  • have to get used to being uncomfortable from time to time.
  • have to determine the tasks you're not proficient in and find out what you're lacking
  • need to close the gap between the skills you lack and the skills you possess to be successful at your creative goal.
  • need technology to do your job from here on out. Technology ain't going anywhere.

But, I still can't help but say . . . 

Why Can't I Just Blog???


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