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The plethora of information you can find on the internet is nothing short of amazing. I find myself using the internet for researching, shopping or simply just having fun viewing websites that peak my interest. Long gone are the days of the World Book Encyclopedia and other print publications I remember using for my school book reports. The library in our town doesn’t even carry half the books I am looking for because the amount of visitors they used to get have dwindled as have the number of books borrowed. In some ways, this is sad. In others, convenient.

So, why the love/hate relationship? As much as I love blogs and having access to mass amounts of information at my fingertips, I have a hard time deciphering the true expert writers and validity of each website from reading bad information. Say for example, I enter something like… how to make money on the internet. The response those search terms yield are out of control. Depending on whether I use Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine, the articles that pop up are all similar but not necessarily what I am looking for. The content varies from blogs to get rich quick posts which claim things that are clearly not a reality. Click on one and you may get a housewife podcasting about the amount of money she made the first day she started doing surveys on line. If that were truly the case, how come we never really meet a millionaire who made money doing the surveys? Wouldn’t everyone jump on that bandwagon? How about this… I remember clicking on a link, and the first thing I heard was, “I am going to tell you the biggest secret to really making money on line”… REALLY? This big secret is available to the public on the world wide web! Even better, people believe it!

For once, I wish I had the opportunity to enter specific search terms and have the information that is available to me be accurate, and not steer me in the wrong direction. I appreciate the bloggers out there that do their research, give honest opinions, honest reviews as well as speak from experience. What I don’t appreciate is people trying to make a buck by leading others down the wrong path. Result… There is a lot of great information available on the internet. Just don’t solely depend on the first few articles that appear when searching. They could be number one on the list, simply because the writer(s) know the perfect key words to use to move to the top. Remember, anyone can claim to be an expert. You, need to do your own research, check out a few articles, watch for contradictions, and be honest with yourself when reading. This, I am telling you from the heart… because I am an expert, or at least I claim to be one…

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