Book Review: Marooned: A Prequel to the Arcadia’s Children Series By Andrew Williams

    This is a great sci-fi story which was written specifically for teens. This age group will be interested in the story. It’s written in an accessible and interesting way. It’s a page turner and a great story, which isn’t surprising given Andrew Williams’ talent for writing brilliant stories.


   Bee Bee, also known as James Kinkfrank, was a teenager who was very different from the rest of the teens. He questioned everything and always wanted to get answers to some really hard questions. After a terrible accident, he was quite disfigured and hurt. He sustained some awful physical injuries. But this never stopped him from connecting with people. He was a gregarious boy with a vivid imagination and an unquenchable need for knowledge and information.


   His Dad was a troublesome man and hard to be around. His stepmother, Mary, was about the only person who supported him through all his trials and sorrows in life. This made his childhood and teen years very difficult indeed. So, when he was given an opportunity to go up on the Empress of Incognita, he jumped at the opportunity.


   There was something exciting about being in a spaceship way up in this semi-Earth type of planed. Someone dubbed it Arcadia, and the name seemed to stick. There were a lot of challenges aboard the spaceship, such as lack of space, oxygen, and food. But it was something that Bee Bee really embraced because he needed to get away from all his cares and worries.


   The plot of fast-paced which quickly takes the reader from one suspenseful scenario to another while the group tries to survive. First on the ship, then on the new planet, made for many adventurous moments.  The story escalates when an alien appeared on the ship, killing everyone on its path. It left Bee Bee with a strange sense about his mother’s death.

   This is a great read for readers of all ages. I truly enjoyed it. The character of Bee Bee was wonderful and the centre of their survival. This made for a mesmerizing plot line. One of the key themes of the story is that regardless of what happens to us, we can still leave a positive mark in the world.

Reviewed by: Irene Roth

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