Book Review: Solar Warden by Peter Fuller

   Requiem is Peter Fuller’s second book in the Solar Warden series. It is a wonderfully written book that is richly descriptive with skillfully drawn settings and characters. Fuller weaves a well-crafted Military Science fiction that will draw the reader right into the story from the very beginning. The book is full of exciting and suspenseful sci-fi, with breath-taking imagery that only Fuller can create in the pages of his wonderful story.


   This story starts with our recognition that the earth is in peril. Aliens are taking over. The reptilians and the grays have suffered a terrible defeat in the hands of the aliens. Humans faced an overwhelming force that won’t stop until they have devoured all humans. All that stands in their way is the determination and fierce will of the Earth Defense Force combatants who are willing to lie down their lives to save humanity.


The idea that all humans, including children can be taken away against their wills, from their lives by strange beings that are lifted onto a spacecraft and subjected to threatening procedures is terrifying. It shatters our idea of the way our world should be. The actuality of such a phenomenon has been rejected by many people. However, as this story shows, maybe its not all that unrealistic to assume that these kinds of attacks by aliens is inconceivable. Who knows what the future will hold?


Even though this is a sci-fi work, I found myself being sucked right into the story. This is the mark of an excellent storyteller. I can see this story also receiving a prestigious award as Fuller’s first book in this series.

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