Book Review: Your Safe Retirement Roadmap: A Powerful Guide to Planning and Living a Deeply-Fulfilled and Prosperous Retirement

Your Safe Retirement Roadmap: A Powerful Guide to Planning and Living a Deeply-Fulfilled and Prosperous Retirement

By Frank Gutta, CPA, PFS


The whole idea of retirement scares many of us. And that’s because we haven’t planned financially for that time in our lives. There seems to be so much going on in our lives and we are overspending and not saving. Adding to the issue are the rising interest rates and cost of living, making it almost impossible for even the most dedicated people to save money.


In this book, Frank Gutta, CPA, PFS, has over 35 years of experience as an accountant and personal finance expert. Prior to that, he worked for a large national CPA firm. Nothing is more important for him than ensuring that we don’t outlive our savings. In this book, Gutta offers a “4-bucket system” solution to the problem of saving for retirement. His methodology not only teaches us how to secure an income so that we don’t have to rely on the volatility of the stock market, but also how to derive new solutions to the cost of long-term care. It also tackles the issue of how to minimize the tax burden of those passing wealth to future generations.


As we get close to retirement, we begin to realize how valuable each year is. Time goes by so fast. If we don’t attain the clarity and confidence that we need to start saving and being mindful of our spending habits right away, another decade will slip by, and we won’t have enough saved for our retirement.


Therefore, it’s important to make retirement planning a priority in our lives. The earlier we start, the better. We need to create a savings plan as early as possible in our lives so that when we retire, we won’t have the financial burden of not knowing if we have enough for the rest of our lives so that we could live a good quality of life.


This book is a must-read for all people, especially those in their 20s and 30s. It can be hard to save for retirement. However, Gutta gives us a clear and concise roadmap that we can rely on to embark on that journey. I wish I had this book when I was in my twenties. It is an invaluable resource.


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