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As a stay at home mom with a twin boy and girl out of diapers and getting ready to start school, I am starting to look at my options for work. I am definitely not going back to the job I left handling the phones at a packing company. I am not naming names, but to my old boss I say, “thanks for the mat leave benefits, but goodbye forever!” I am a college-educated, licensed registered practical nurse (RPN), and there has to be more out there for me. That’s why I recently got certified to do botox and filling as a professional medical aesthetician.

Getting certified

I read somewhere else on the mommy blog that one of my fellow mommy clubbers has been doing this work for a while. I searched for the post and couldn’t find it, so it is possible I dreamt this. As you know, or will soon know, toddlers are exhausting! But it’s a business with an ever-growing client base all over the world. In terms of return on investment, my fellow mommy lays out a vision of a career path that is well worth the time, effort and cost of pursuing certification.

How it’s going

My girlfriend said to me before I signed up, “why do you want to do that? Only jerks are in that business.” I am glad she doesn’t see me as a jerk, and I also see her point. Folks in the medical aesthetics business, like plastic surgeons, are often cast in a dim light in popular media. Would I encounter such people in my training course?

My friend was wrong. Stereotypes are fake news. At the course, out of twenty folks, everyone was as educated as me, and all but three folks there were on the level. One lady smelled like cauliflower but was really sweet. Two men who seemed to know each other from having recently poached unicorns together gave me the creepy vibe, you know what I mean?

Long story short, the training went quickly because it was fun working with my colleagues. Our knowledgeable instructors really care about clients, and stress our role as empathetic caregivers, beyond simple bedside manner.

Where to from here?

Another advantage to the course was the opportunity to network with others in my new field who were from my geographical area. I already have a lead on a place where I can apprentice! After that, who knows? I might start my own place, like my anonymous mommy friend who may, or may not, exist.

Just thought I’d share with my fellow moms. If you find yourself in a similar position as me, like I know a lot of you have and will, you have one more option to find fulfilling and sustainable work.

Good luck and all my best to you and yours.


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