Sweet Pea is enamored with bottles...whenever we have one in our hand he wants it soooo badly!

I decided to see just how efficient he is at removing the caps and placing them back on. To make removing them more enticing I put a few cheesy fish inside one, a treat he absolutely loves. He was very happy to sit at this activity for a long time and giggled and smiled whenever he managed to get a loose cap off.

Much to my hubby's delight, Sweet Pea was not very proficient at this. Hubby was envisioning Sweet Pea getting into everything. His exact quote (one he's said many times before and probably will say many times again) was "Oh boy, now we're in trouble!" when I told him later in the day that I tried this. Then he happily said "Maybe it's not so bad after all!" when I told him Sweet Pea could only do it if the cap is just barely on. I think he was missing the fact that Sweet Pea is well on his way to mastering yet another physical feat!

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