Building and Boosting Your Child’s Self-Confidence

Although the physical and hygiene care givento kids which include disease control, feeding, attention and care, toilet training, especially in the region of toilet training autism and lots more cannot be undermined, it is of great importance to prepare a child strongly for the future emotionally as much as we try to give her the needed upbringing with physical care and development. It has been observed that a large number of mother or rather parents put less effort in this mind building direction, but as a working mother and parent, it should be considered a future shaping step that must be undergone by kids as well. It would be nice to treat our kids to development in the areas of self-confidence because at some point in life, they would have to face some hard knocks. This step would then be a way of preparing and equipping them with enough aura to survive.

Each and every child need a realistic and at most the positive perception of his or her own abilities because self-confidence result from a deep sense of competence. However, it is the responsibilities of parents to encourage the kids to reach this level with their own efforts and abilities.

This all begin with loving your child. When a child feels loved by you, such would be open to you and would be free to share anything with you no matter how big she might think it is. Love is the most important thing you could give your kid to boost her confidence. If you are the yelling and ignoring type, you are systematically killing her confidence because she has got a tender mind that has to be pampered and built, not tear. Unconditional love for your kids simply build a strong foundation for confidence.

Kids love being appreciated whenever they do something great in their own eyes. When this is the case, learn to give praise when it’s due as parents. Measure their worth and achievement with your own thoughts relative to their age and give them the necessary accolade. Even when they do below par things, you can appreciate them by encouraging them to do more. This is to say you must be realistic in your praise such that you wouldn’t develop a mediocre in a child. Reassure the kid it is not okay to do things perfectly at all time, but it is important to spot your mistakes and develop in those areas eventually. While appreciating her, you could also go further in helping her to set realistic goals. When you notice she is good a anything, try as much as possible to encourage her in that aspect and set a high podium dreams for her. Guide her reasonably to avoid failures as much as possible and ensure to some reasonable short-term steps along the path of the goal with her if it is a stretched one.

Parents should understand that self-leadership is the bedrock of leadership and therefore they should model themselves as lovers and positive talkers. It should be noted that children learn fast through imitation and they are consciously or unconsciously studying the parents. Kids also tend most times towards derailing, but when the parents are good role models, they would have no options than to follow suit. Your leadership shouldn’t end at this as parents, you should also teach resilience to the kids. Make them understand that no one succeeds at all-time but with resilience and perseverance, they would always live above criticism, mistakes, failures and pains. Teach them to try, try and try again

Lessons of independence and adventures also has to be taught to your kids. Self-confident kids will always try new things but when this is done with sense of independence and adventures, the reward becomes greater and creativity is blown open. Encourage them to explore and help them with trips and excursions that relate perfectly to what they do. Try and encourage them with anything they love to do and despise argument of gender relation to any activity. With that you are helping them to discover their own strength. There is no other way to develop your children’ passion than this. When goals are entrenched around their passion, they are acquired on a platter of gold. However, helping her dreams doesn’t mean helping some excesses they come with, thus you have to set rules for them.

Children grow more confidence when they are aware of rules of the games, what to do and what not to do. Following rules gives them sense of security and confidence. They try as much as possible to build their dreams to avoid those things and with your help, they become really possible. Even when your child thinks your rules are too strict, she would still believe it is for her good with the level of love and care you have for her. You wouldn’t have wanted to lead her on the wrong side. As she grows older, she gets accustomed to the rules and responsibilities, and understand more on why you have set them. You just have to ensure your rules are subjects of your children’ age so as not to cause them unnecessary ambiguity.

To cap all of these, you must ensure that good relationship skills are coached into the kids. The most important of this is the relationship between you and your child. It is key and very vital to child’s self-confidence. You must also ensure to help your child see how her actions could affect others as her social circle expands. You are not supposed to fix every situation as parents or your kids will see you as too domineering, you only have to teach compassion, kindness, self-assertiveness and all other qualities to help them through life in confidence so as to handle the ups and down of social relationships.

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