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Burton History Trees – The Original Word Cloud

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

Burton History Tree Sixties MusicFather’s Day is coming up. Might you have a rabid vintage music fan as a husband, father, brother? Or a wannabe music historian? The Burton History Trees are for them. What an absolutely fantastic – and exciting – gift idea for those hard-to-shop-for men.

The Burton Trees are unique kind of wall art, a visual & artistic rendition of music history. These graphic “trees” document music history along the recognized “format” of the family tree. Each tree is arranged by chronological order, where the roots describe the “building blocks” of an era, a band or musical genre. The trunk represents its major influencers and instigators while the tree “leaves”  and “fruit” feature other prominent figures of the moment; the size of font reflects the significance of the bands during that time. It’s all meticulously thought out.

Detail of Burton History Tree

This was all started in Chicago by Bruce Burton who drew his first Burton History Tree of British Rock in 1979. The collection has now evolved to include history trees by genres of music or decade. Being from Chicago, the resident teams are represented (Bears, Blackhawks, Cubs, White Sox) as well as the St-Louis Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers. Golf and the Brazil World Cup get their own trees as well.

I loved these the moment I came upon them at the One of a Kind Show in town this past December. What greatSeal of approvalconversation pieces and the perfect gift to trigger “remember when” nostalgia and memories.

You can buy Burton History Trees directly from their website. Do these deserve our Gift-Worthy badge or what?

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