Business Expos: Get A Trade Display Booth That'll Put Your Brand On The Spotlight

Business expos provide a platform for different brands to showcase their products and services. Participating in a trade show is also an effective means of making potential clients, creating and bolstering business relationships, and telling the story behind your business.

If you are a newcomer in the world of business trade shows, understanding what needs to be done can be challenging. You need an experienced partner who has the expertise and innovative solutions to make your brand stand-out.

ExpoMarketing is a leading company that creates innovative and capturing tradeshow displays. Based in Orange County, the award-winning trade-show exhibit company has over 25 years of experience in this industrial sector with a long trail of service excellence.

ExpoMarketing understands the complicated nature of a business exhibition process. That's why we strive to provide quality project management services. We can handle it all: Submitting registration papers in time, coordinating shipments, and the labor needed on the floor. That leaves you with one primary duty: To concentrate on the goals and objectives you want to achieve after a trade show.

Feel As if You Belong

Any person is welcomed at ExpoMarketing. Unlike our rivals, we don't operate like any other profit-making company. We take our clients as members of our family, and we strive to ensure strong business bonds. Our team of creative designers are ready to work hand-in-hand with you to create an outstanding business exhibit that not only spruces up your brand but tells an engaging story about your business.

Supporting and Empowering Women

ExpoMarketing is a women-owned enterprise and a Platinum-Certified brand under the Women's Business Enterprise National Council. Due to its focus on influential women entrepreneurs, the company has come together with Kathy Ireland Worldwide which comprises Kathy Ireland licensing and signature company. This partnership is aimed at developing innovative and tailor-made trade-show solutions with a quality mark by Kathy Ireland. We aim to offer our clients visually appealing business exhibits for business enterprises across the globe.

Service You Can Rely On

Setting up a trade show booth can be a challenge, but ExpoMarketing is there to make things easier for you. If you are a first-timer, shouldering the entire task can be challenging. If you're an experienced brand, you may be looking for a reliable company that has high regard for your business. You will be worry-free knowing that a team of professional trade-show specialists are here to help you meet your business goals.

Trade Booth Design. The design process involves more than just understanding how the layout comes out. It is an avenue where you can connect with your target audience. Our collaborative designers will work with you to create an exhibit that's perfect for your brand.

Graphic Design. Let our team of expert and creative designers become your company's ambassadors; we have experienced design personnel who can create graphics that resonate with your brand.

Booth Construction. Whatever your budget is, we can build a stand-alone exhibit or add a few tweaks to make it unique. We utilize high-quality materials to create highly detailed trade show booths.

On-the-Floor Supervision. Are you in need of assistance on the trade-show floor? Our on-site supervision team can help you to set up the booth, and provide professional services including electricals, rigging, and drayage.

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