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I cannot be the only one…who has told their child something in the safe confines of their home, to only hear that comment repeated back to them by another child at the elementary school playground, leaving you wondering what else your child blabbers about while not in your care.

One of Sonny Boy’s little girly friends asked me an interesting question as we were walking to the classroom the other day, “Are Lunchables filled with junk?” At first I had no clue what this darling kindergartner was referring to, that is until she clarified with the type of sentence that no Mama really wants to hear, “Sonny Boy said that you told him that Lunchables are just junk food and that’s what Sally brings to school everyday.”

I looked at the other mother who had been keeping step with this conversation and couldn’t help laughing, I had been busted by a five year old.  That little rascal, Sonny Boy, had been touting my lunch packing inexpert opinion to the rest of his friends at lunch, most likely alienating some children and apparently rousing questions in others, and now I was the one being looked to in hopes of verification or explanation.  Thanks, Sonny Boy.

I flashed back to a supermarket read where the Lunchables comment stemmed from and how I saved my own behind (well, kind of), please visit my blog here:I Cannot be the Only One...

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