Today we went to the Butterfly Garden. We walked through the net, the
butterflies took one look at my kids (husband included) and disappeared
for the trees. However there were a few weak butterflies fluttering on
the ground that could not escape the "love" of my children. Those poor
butterflies were carried around, kissed and of course, dropped over and
over again. I felt a little bad...but really those butterflies weren't
going to make it anyway.
My husband used the guide sheet they had given us to try and hit the
butterflies down as they flew by. Can you believe that?! He said he just
wanted to "stun" one so the girls could look at it. Honestly, who would
think to do that? I guess a man who's trapped in a family of all girls
under a giant butterfly net.
Despite destroying the wonderful nature and being blacklisted from ever returning it was lots of fun!!

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