Does anyone else dread sending their husband to the grocery store?
Yesterday I said "I have green peppers but I'm almost out of tomatoes."
What did he bring me? A huge bag of green peppers...I think there might
have been a tomato or two in there somewhere but you could barely see
them through all the peppers.

He also gets on these "kicks" where he's really in the mood to eat a
certain item and he obsessively buys it. These items are always the same
and simply rotate from month to month. They include pickles, olives,
banana peppers, salad dressings, soup, Tabasco and paper towels. Why he
loves these things I do not know, it sounds like a shopping list for a
pregnant women. Every time he goes to the store he will pick up another
bottle or two of the particular item he is hoarding that month. Then
when he comes home and I open the bags to put things away I say
"Seriously!!? You bought more olives?! We already have 3 jars!" To which
he always responses "I didn't know! Why do you hide them from me?"
At that point I usually stare at him dumbfounded...hiding food? What am I
suppose to do? Leave everything out on the counter? Call me crazy but I
put jars of food away in these weird things called cupboards.

Finally when I can't fit another jar of olives on the shelf and the
paper towels are falling out every time I open the cupboard I bring him
over to my secret world called the kitchen and then I open the vaults
where I hide things (also known as cupboards) and instate a "Buying Ban"
(that is the official term I came up with) on purchasing the particular
food item for awhile. Then I show him the grand display of olives he
has accumulated that month and say "Please, do not buy anymore olives,
we have enough to last us a year". To which he always responds in a
exasperated tone "Well I would eat them if I knew where they were! Why
do you hide them from me?!"
Right....I hide things...and so it continues.

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