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Calgon; PLEASE Take Me Away( and don't bring me back)!!!

I am a Mom of all trades, though aren't we all? I believe those who we call family expect us to know it all and do it all, and heaven forbid if we don't, we will hear it. As a mom of so many, I am pulled into so many directions,I had no choice to self nick name myself; Scarecrow, I am 1 minute wiping the 2 and a half year old and a split second later I'm making a sandwich for the 5 yo or chasing a dog out of the bathroom, or tracking down the 16 yo, I don't know how I'm still sane. Motherhood lays a lot of responsibility on us, some can handle the daily trials of this job, others crack under the pressure, and those who go thru life with a twitch ,and those poor moms waiting in line at the pharmacy for their ' get thru the day medicine'; that's me.

I have never been a believer in a quick fix or medicine to assist me with my motherhood, but when my kids and spouse were attempting a mutiny, I had to stand back and take stock of my life. This is what I've come up with; I have six kids, a spouse, 2 dogs,2 cats and 2 fish, and a spouse who might as well be my 7th child. I have for years been putting kids and a spouse in front of my wants/needs and happiness as well my sanity, so I made a list of what I am to do about my high stressed life, family needs and me. I changed my reactions, made schedules, relaxed with DR appts and home school,the result?; everything was still the same! Kids were still silly, house was still messy and staggering bed times was a bust, nada happened. So, at recent Dr appt., my Dr, who knows the family well and the special needs of a few of the children and the big age gap between the six.
It was decided this mom is an excellent mom and now it was time to think about me and to get the help I so badly needed, medication. Anti depressants were not an option since we decided I am not depressed, just over worked and have alot of kids! We agreed on Xanax,

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