I was just looking through some posts on a site for Moms that I am a member of and thought "this is supposed to be a place for moms to connect and get support from?" I won't use the name of the site but I am seriously thinking of leaving the page.This site is supposed to be about connecting, supporting, freedom for moms to vent, meet others who are like you and just chat about being a Mom and Mom things. I have noticed the last few days, there is very little support in the forums.
I think it is really sad that even posts about Santa are turning into bash sessions.
When did we all become so critical of each other? Are we all really that bad at parenting? I mean really there is always someone there to say something negative about another Mother. Are those Mothers just feeling that bad about themselves that they need to take it out on other Moms?
I totally agree that you should be able to speak your mind and there are times when things need to be said but you do not need to tell Mothers they are horrible parents for everything they do. "You tell your kids there is a Santa? I would never lie to my kids! I teach them to tell the truth!" A stepmom complaining about child support being paid to Mother's that are not even taking care of the kids, "I would never be with a man that has children already! It isn't any of your business how much money is going out to child support!"
Can't we all just let each other get it off our chest in these "support for Mom" forums without getting bashed?
So I think the lesson here is if you don't have a perfect life full of sunshine and gumdrops don't bother looking for support from these "Mom sites", it isn't there, and I think that is really sad.

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Comment by Katrina on October 8, 2009 at 7:53pm
Good idea!
Comment by Ann Harrison on October 8, 2009 at 7:18pm

I think we should have a follow club, kind of a "Supporting Our Sisters" blog follow club. Hey! S.O.S. :->
Comment by Katrina on October 8, 2009 at 5:50pm
I don't understand it. As a girl, friendship was everything! Talking, laughing and just being there for each other was what a girl's friendships were all about! What happened that all of a sudden woman are fighting each other on everything and have zero tolerance for anyone that is not the same as them?
Comment by Beth Keklak on October 8, 2009 at 12:56pm
I think this doesn't apply to just the mom thing but women in general. We should be lifting one another up, not tearing each other down. What ever happened to some good old fashinoned Girl Power? (okay, woman power in this case!) We face enough adversity each day we muddle through without added criticism from the masses.
Comment by Ann Harrison on October 8, 2009 at 11:59am

I completely agree with you. When I see a mean-spirited comment it really makes me wonder about the person who left it. I wonder about what their life is like. Are things so bad for them that they feel they need to lash out?

I actually go to their blog and see if they're as nasty as the words they offer to others. (And you know what gets me? Most often these people have tons of followers and lots of comments, positive comments! )

I just don't get the point of leaving a mean comment. I mean really, why do that to someone?

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