Canton, First Monday Trade Days + $19 = Warm Nuts (plus a little crazy)

We headed out to Canton last weekend for First Monday Trade Days. First Monday Trade days is a HUGE monthly flea market. It is only held once a month, every month & it is the largest {10 miles} and oldest continually operated flea market in the United States. People literally drive in from all over to sell & shop. It can be crazy. Not only can the people be crazy, but some of the junk you can buy is crazy!

For example ~

You could buy this awesome fish sculpture for your bathroom.

You could buy this horny dead cow chair for {choke} $530.00. I am sure it would look amazing in your foyer.

You can get your teeth whitened by a certified dentist.

You can get your ear stapled for alleged weight loss benefits, by a certified nurse.

You could even buy yourself a puppy, supporting puppy mills across America.

But, this is why we drive to Canton once a month. $19.00 freshly roasted, cinnamon & sugar pecans ... served warm! These are worth every minute of driving, every minute of crazy & every red penny! There is only one vendor that sells them fresh & warm.

We will walk from one end of Canton to the other in search of him & his yummy, warm crazy nuts!

The End!

Life As Supermom ~

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