There are some items which you cannot throw away because of the memories attached to it. They are special treasures. It is important to keep them neat and clean. Repair them if they are broken. Insure the valuable objects. Such things include jewelry, ancient stones, personal items, cards and pens.

Females value their Jewelries. They require minimal care but yes off course it is vital to cleanse them often. Frequent checking of the jewels for faulty clasps must become a habit especially rings for any misplace of stones or diamonds attached to it. Necklaces and lockets should not be tangled otherwise it becomes a hassle to open it up causing to break even. Extreme care is required from perfumes, water splashes as it makes it dark and color fades.

Cleansing can be done by two ways. Firstly, apply baking powder and then brushing it off softly with an old toothbrush. Secondly, soak the items in lukewarm water incorporating dishwashing liquid for few minutes following with scraping it and then drying it on a towel with a hair dryer. Make sure you do not throw away the stones during the wash.

Stones are precious. Multiple types of stones need different caring strategies. Fragile and hard stones can be cleaned like the above method but no chemicals should be applied. Emerald stones must be treated by professional jewelers because of their delicacy and softness. Opals and turquoise are porous so they should be rubbed with a chamois leather rather than washing. Jade stones can be washed but it must dry off immediately with a soft cloth. Pearls do not require any treatment as such besides keep on wearing them often.

Handbags are woman’s best friend. Prevent the damage by painting the frames with two coats of clear nail polish before using them. In case if the handle breaks, it can be replaced with a chandelier chain.

Other items include Hair combs which must be washed after every two days with ammonium solutions to get rid of germs. Cards also carry dirt which can be removed with the help of white bread or talcum powder. Fountain pens get blocked at times making it difficult for students to write. Dissemble the pieces in to vinegar for an hour and rinsing in warm water letting it dry on a paper towel will make a smooth again.

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