Most women get tempted to grab a sponge the start scrubbing the stain as soon as they see on their carpet. Though it is right to treat the stain of the carpet as soon as possible still the results can be better if they choose the right strategy before attacking the stain. Any hasty decision can set the stain deep into the carpet to cause a permanent stain instead of cleaning it. In fact, different types of stains should be cleaned by using different methods. Some carpet cleaning tips for women are provided n this write-up along with some universally accepted rules in this regard.

Universal rules about carpet cleaning

Stains should be cleaned as soon as possible: According to carpet cleaning experts, the stains on the carpet should be cleaned before they set into it. Do not allow the stain to remain on the carpet for long.

Instead of scrubbing, blot the stain: Before cleaning the stain you should use a sponge or cloth to absorb its greasy or liquid substance. You can easily reduce the chances of spreading of the stain by absorbing its fluid as much as possible. After absorbing the moisture you should dab on the stain instead of scrubbing it to remove it effectively.

Use the smaller quantity of cleaning products as much as possible: It will reduce the risk of spreading the stain as well as drying time.

Dry the carpet completely: After cleaning the stain you should blot it with a towel to dry it thoroughly as damp carpet can be a breeding ground for mold. You can speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer or fan.

DIY carpet cleaning tips for women

After knowing basic rules of carpet cleaning some really effective DIY carpet cleaning tips provide by the carpet cleaning experts for women are provided hereunder. The methods discussed in this write-up were tried on the stains by allowing them to sit on the carpet for at least 24 hours as you cannot address every stain immediately.

Stains of dark color foods

According to experts, such stains should be scraped off as much as possible. Then apply a mixture of soap and water in 1:4 ratios with the help of a sponge on the stain and rinse it with slightly warm water. It will completely remove the stain.

Stains of greasy or fatty food

Such stains, according to experts, should be scraped with a knife before they are topped with a layer of paper towels. Now iron the towels to lift the grease by heating the iron at the lowest temperature. After that, you can apply a mixture of soap and vinegar in lukewarm water and rinse the spot thoroughly. It can completely remove the stain of greasy food.

Stains of foods like coffee and wine etc.

These stains can be removed up to 80% by blotting them and using club soda to rinse them. You can also use soapy water to brush the spot and rinse it if required.

Stains of nail polish

Though most of the nail polish can be removed from the carpet by blotting the stain with a rag dipped in clear acetone but lots of it may remain in the carpet. You can repeat the process to grab as much nail polish as you can.

Stains of pet poop

After removing the poop as much as possible you can use club soda to rinse the carpet. You can also use soapy water to brush and rinse the carpet. It can remove stains up to 60%.

Stains of makeup

The stains of makeup can be removed almost completely by dampening the carpet and rubbing dish soap on it and drying it by patting on the spot. The remaining stains can be removed by dabbing with a few drops of solvent used for dry cleaning clothes or the solution used for removing makeup.

Stains of gum

Almost 70% of gum can be scraped off from the carpet by putting ice on the spot wrapped in a towel instead of rubbing the spot to remove the gum.

Thus by using some or all of the carpet cleaning tips provided in this write-up women can clean their carpets effectively without calling a professional service.

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