Cats as Domestic Animals: Animal Care

Cats are very clean animals, constantly groom themselves, and strive to keep their places clean. They have a good memory and ingenuity. However, to train a cat anything is possible only if the animal finds this skill useful.

Before you bring a cat into your house, you should consider whether there is an opportunity to provide the necessary conditions of animal existence.

Healthy cat looks like…

A healthy cat has expressive eyes, they are shining and glow in the dark. The skin should not have scabs, ulcers and other lesions and tumors that are determined by palpation. The animal should not be exhausted or too thick.


Almost any cat should be combed, it allows you to remove dead hairs, that otherwise would be swallowed by a cat when it is licking itself. Hair tangles, formed in the stomach, may cause digestive disorders. In nature, vomiting occurs in order to get rid of them. This is a natural process, but the unpleasant for the apartment conditions.


Living on the nature cat moves actively and hunts, thus maintaining the physical form. Domestic cats don’t have ability to do that, so you need to make its life interesting and fun, providing your cat with special construction for climbing, balls, mouse reel of yarn, bags of catnip. You can buy it or make by yourself. 

Nails, teeth, eyes and ears

If the nails of your cat became too long, they can be trimmed just a little. If you are scared to do this manipulation yourself, you can go to veterinarian. He/she will show you how to do it correctly.

For the prevention of dental diseases you can clean cat teeth weekly, using children's toothbrush with a powder or baking soda.

If the cat often scratches its ears - call to the vet, do not attempt to treat it by yourself with folk remedies.

If cat has watery eyes, you need to regularly clean them with a cotton swab or a tea bag.


Cats can be transported by road, rail and air transport to the different regions of the country. At the same time the owner of the cat has to get a veterinary certificate. Violation of veterinary and sanitary rules will result in a spread of dangerous infectious diseases.

About the author: Stacy Green is a freelancer at She enjoys walking her dog and playing quick logical games. Stacy love writing about animals.  

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