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Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane...(

Yup, call me crazy but I did it. I booked myself a flight to the psych ward...well, not quite but.... I did do what some believe is the unthinkable. I booked myself and my two "toddler" daughters on a cross country (San Diego to Newark) trip for the holidays and am flying solo....meaning no hubs in sight.

Why? Well, have you taken a look at what airfare costs this year? In order to get the best deal possible...since we are paying for three seats now, I had to book myself and the girls on flights that reflected the not-so-popular days of travel = less expensive flights.

But those not-so-popular days also means that our trip is a lot longer than I initially wanted it to be. Which also means that the hubs (aka Daddy) won't be able to fly with us (either way).

I understand, I mean one of us has to work, right? trekking across country with a three year old and an almost one year old isn't work? Me thinks it is. But it's well worth it.

I gotta tell you, I'm not one of those faint of heart travelers. Hell, I hiked through the hills of Thailand (during rainy season); walked through the Sun Gate into famed Machu Picchu; cruised down the Yangtze River on a dilapidated ship in the dead of winter; and sailed through the Galapagos Islands. I can handle two toddlers. Right?

Well, I've been strategizing ever since I clicked the confirm purchase button on Continental’s web page. And I think I've got it all under control. I've been shopping for fun, new, interactive, and attention grabbing toys. I've stashed my three year old’s favorite movies away so she'll be enticed to sit through the direct flight entranced by her portable DVD player. I've set aside illicit treats, i.e., mini bags of M&Ms, dozens of lollipops and even a few packs of fruit flavored gum.

And that's not it! I've readied my cache of bribes I plan to use on my three year old. And primed myself to not worry about flashing my goodies to the people seated around us because I plan on breastfeeding my almost one year old into a sleep induced coma for the entire trip.

What else? Well, I'm gonna dress the girls in their cutest outfits (and pack even cute back up ones to carry on) because how could the stewardess say no to such a sweetly dressed little girl -- when her mother is begging her to hold one of them so the other can get a diaper change or God forbid use the facilities herself. I'm even planning on wearing some make up myself and am bypassing the waterproof mascara...because who wouldn't take pity on a mother of two who is near tears (or in tears).....I can work it when I have to!

That being said, being the optimist I am, I'm actually packing a few gossip magazines in hopes that I may actually get a few golden moments to savor the dare I say it, quiet time. And if that doesn't work, well I bought a pack of ear plugs (in bulk) and plan on handing them out (along with mini bottles of hard liquor) to the poor people who will be seated next to/around or even just on the plane with us.

I am a woman, hear me roar! Wish me the best as I go forth on this new adventure with my two little ones! Happy holidays.

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