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Celebrate Your Love: 8 Useful Anniversary Gifts

Gift-giving is a beautiful process from start to finish. It is considered as one of the five love languages and it will put a smile on anybody’s face. The best gifts are those bought with intention - you know what a person likes. You were talking to them over a coffee and they mentioned something they like. So, you made a mental note to give that item as a gift.

When it comes to anniversary gifts, you need to find the right one because the meaning behind the gift is bigger than the gift itself. You’re showing that you value the time spent together and that you want to celebrate the occasion in a meaningful way.

Finest roasted coffee for the coffee lovers

Quality time spent together is another of five love languages. A cup of freshly brewed coffee is a fine way to start the day with your loved one. If your partner is a passionate coffee lover, look for either their favourite brew or something they never tried before. You can find a selection of around the world coffee, and drink coffee from a different part of the world every day. Pair it up with music from that region and you’ll start your day on a positive note every time. Throw in some new coffee mugs and the gift will be perfect!

A scratchable map for the travel bugs

Ever since the pandemic started, we’ve all wanted to get away and fly away. Imagine how those stricken with wanderlust have felt? A scratchable map is a thoughtful and useful gift for a couple with a constant urge to travel. They can scratch all the places they’ve visited and see all those they haven’t (at least yet). Don’t forget to include some pins, because these will help plan and pinpoint the exact locations they want to visit. 

Personalized underwear for those with a high sense of humour

Nothing says You’re mine like boxer briefs, a bra, or a nightgown embellished with a photo or tiny photos of your partner. If your partner is someone who loves to laugh a lot, you can surprise him or her with this unique gift.

Date night cards to invite some novelty into a routine

Relationships need constant work to flourish even after years spent together. Date nights are one of the surefire ways to strengthen the relationship. These are something couples should do every week to work on their intimacy and connection.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and could use some novelty, a pack of date night cards can be just what you’ll need. These cards will give you some new ideas and activities you can try together like rewatch the first movie you saw together or make cocktails for each other.

A personalized gift box for those with many interests

What if your loved one is someone with a thousand interests and needs? Pinning down one item they’d love to receive for their anniversary might be difficult. Not to mention the possible disappointment if you make the wrong choice among many other possible choices. 

A personalized gift box can contain several items you’ve chosen yourself. You can find all the goodies you need at  The Gift Box Factory, and celebrate the important milestone. Gift boxes are your go-to choice if you’re a friend buying a gift for the couple who have it all. 

A cooking class for foodies

Classes are the ideal choices for people who love to learn new things, meet new people, and visit new places. Pandemic has limited our options at this very moment, so we need to find fun things to do in our town. A cooking class is a great choice for an anniversary gift for foodies. 

Some people just love to cook and explore other cuisines and try new things. Instead of learning new recipes on your own, you and your partner can start a cooking class and learn new recipes in a new setting. You can cook together as a team, work on your relationship while tasting new and delicious recipes. 

A map of where you’ve met - a gift for hopeless romantics

Some people are just die-hard romantics. An if you’re happily married to one, you’ll know that nothing is too cheesy for a hopeless romantic. Anything that says I love you will make their heart beat faster and turn their eyes into heart-shaped emojis.

You can revisit some old and cherished memories with a map of where you’ve first met. This will show your loved ones how much you care and love them and express your romantic side as well. Pinpoint the exact location, note down the exact date (if you remember), and embellish it with other details hopeless romantics will love. Print it out, frame it, and surprise your loved one.

Warmth and coziness for Netflix-and-chill aficionados

If you and your partner are passionate cinephiles and have a subscription to all streaming platforms, go for something warm and cozy. Fuzzy slippers, comfortable sweatpants, scented candles, soft blanket are just some of the essentials for a cozy movie night at home. You can even find movie scratch-off posters online so movie lovers can scratch off movies off their list.

Another interesting idea is a so-called survival box for movie marathons. We’ve all been down this path of watching several movies in a row. To survive a movie marathon, you’ll need a box of goodies. Snacks, drinks, mint drops, and other useful items can be found in such boxes.

And for the final piece of wisdom - don’t forget to wrap the gift yourself and write a note. Find a Youtube tutorial on how to perfect your gift-wrapping skills and practice until it’s perfects (or not so perfect). It’s funny to watch your loved one struggle to open the gift. This also builds momentum and the surprise will be intensified. If you write a note you’ll get a chance to express emotions in a written way and give your partner something they can cherish forever. You don’t have to be a poet, it’s the effort and thought that matters.

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