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Celebrating Your Anniversary On A Budget

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Wedding BouquetToday we celebrated our three year anniversary. It really feels like it's been much longer than that, in a good way. I think that's when you really know you've found the right person. When all of your memories before them start to feel like they were right there with you.

Since we have a baby on the way we are being conservative with our money. I've looked at several different web sites trying to find inexpensive ways to celebrate your anniversary in a somewhat small town where you've eaten at every restaurant and visited every place there is to visit. After all that searching what did I come up with? Nothing. That's not to say there weren't great ideas out there but a lot of them, especially from some of the name brand sites, like, seem to have an out of touch view on celebrating on a budget. One of their ideas was to take a weekend getaway to an exotic place. What kind of budget do they have? Weekend getaways are great but they are expensive! Expensive and budget to not mesh well together.

As I picked up the laptop to start blogging tonight it dawned on me that we had just celebrated our anniversary in a great way and not one single site suggested what we did. All told we spent $26 dollars. I can do $26 on a budget.

If you want to celebrate your anniversary in a great way but keep on a budget, here's how:

Go out to dinner. It's fun to go out to eat and it's not a cliche way to celebrate. You were going to eat anyway, why not dress up a bit and go out as a couple for dinner. When the hostess seats you at your table sit on the same side, not across from each other. It's great to be close to each other when you're talking rather than having a barrier between you like normal. We do this every once in a while, not just on our anniversary.

Once dinner was over we went back home for our yearly tradition. We both sat down on the couch and watched several DVD's. We watched the photo slideshow we made to play during our reception of the best photos from when we were dating. We watched the photo slideshow our photographer made us of the wedding and we watched our wedding video. We we're going to watch the honeymoon videos (not the dirty ones, perv) of New York City but the camcorder battery was dead. Once we had watched all the videos we cleared a space in our living to dance to our first dance song, Steve Tyrell - Once Upon A Dream.

Every anniversary we try to find a fun way to celebrate but I realized tonight that what we do every year is the perfect way to celebrate. We relive our wedding day. It doesn't take loads of money or weeks of planning and it brings us closer than anything else we could do. Reliving our wedding day every year on our anniversary allows us to keep remembering the little moments of that day that we may otherwise forget. As we watch we talk about the wedding day and the memories that each picture brings back. The memories are just as vivid now as they were three years ago and to me, that's worth more than any expensive getaway.Chapel

That's not to say that when the money is there I wouldn't like to take an anniversary getaway but I realized today that I wouldn't leave without our DVD's and at some point during the day, regardless of where we go, we will sit down and relive our wedding day every year from here on out. Some of the best traditions are the traditions you start without even realizing it.

Oh, I also made us some Graham Cracker Brownies for a anniversary dessert. They were also delicious.

We'd love to hear how you celebrate your anniversary in the comments below and we wish you the best on your happy day.

Happy anniversary

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