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I started this blog in October with one simple goal:  To help one mom out there know that she wasn't the only mom out there struggling with whatever issues, big or small, that she may be struggling with.  Oh, of course, I wanted to post about being a mom, and a homemaker, and about living on a farm-with a bit of dry humor thrown in.

When I began, I imagined mainly a memoir or personal blog, where I talked about my family, or the farm, or life in general, with a few "useful" posts thrown in.  But as I've talked with people on Twitter, responded to comments here, and read my emails, I could see what readers were responding to, and I changed my posts to accommodate that.  I was thrilled to do it.  After all, these posts were helping people, which is what my original goal was.  In about the past month, this goal has started to coalesce into real things happening.  I've launched my Organized Home, Organized Christmas, and Groceries on a Shoestring series...

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