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Changing table – selecting the right table for your needs

More and more people are choosing a wall mounted changing table rather than the old school models. And for good reason. There are a lot more advantages to choosing a wall mounted table rather than the normal ones. One of the main advantages of choosing a wall version, is that you have the option of adjusting the height of the changing table. This minimizes problems such as back pain or sore shoulders, which is a serious issue for many parents, once you have to change your baby several times a day.


Another big advantage of a wall mounted model, is that it can be closed up, so it does not fill up much space. Often no more than an ordinary wall hung cabinet for the bathroom. In place where you normally don’t have too much space, such as in an apartment in the town or a holiday cottage, it makes sense to use a compact changing table on the wall, like a ByBO, Danbaby or Vægpuslebord rather than a large stationary chest of drawers. For many, this is the single greatest reason why more and more people choose these versions, other those we usually know. We all know that things change quite quickly within baby equipment industry, take for instance baby carriers. Ten years ago, there was almost no one using a baby carrier, sling or baby wrap, now it's one of the hottest things in baby equipment.

See examples of baby changing tables for walls here at

Which are the most popular changing tables?

There are a lot of different wall mounted changing tables for sale. So for many parents, it can be quite the task, finding the best model for your home. Should it be a simple plain wall mounted changing table? A designer version in high quality and in a certain color to fit the room in which it should be? Or should it just be a cheap model that is easy to mount? It is different to what we emphasize, when we buy children's furniture and baby equipment, which is why there are so much to choose from. There should be something for everyone. Just take a look at some of the larger stores like Danbaby, and see how much they are offering.

Personally, I would like to go for someone who has a clean design and in a quality I can trust. The price is not as important, as I'd rather pay a little extra and be sure to get a quality product, rather than something that might only last half a year, or isn’t safe to use. A wall mounted changing table is also a bit like a piece of furniture, it should fit into the home, and not be something you notice the second you walk into the room. Right now these are some of the most popular models:

  • BabyDan - Alfred metal wall mounted changing table
  • Baby Dan Alfred Manhattan
  • ByBO Eco changing table
  • Danbaby Vægpuslebord changing table


Best place to buy baby equipment and children's furniture

Where should you buy your changing table for the wall, or all the other baby gear you are going to need? Many of us choose to visit one of the many local baby shops, as a large part of us still prefer to see and feel the products before we buy them. But many have also discovered that the internet stores, often have a bigger selection, and slightly better prices. So should you visit your local Baby shop and buy your changing table here, or visit an online store like Jollykids or Danbaby and see their selection instead?

I would say that it depends on how fast you need your baby gear. Is this something you want right away, then it can be really annoying to wait for the webstore to ship the products, and for the carrier to arrive with it. Can you live with the smaller selection and increased price, then go pick it up locally. If you got time to wait a little, then I would probably prefer to buy it online and save a little money, and sit and back in peace, and find the model of that fits your home. It is not always easy to find the ultimate changing table.

The same goes for almost any type of baby equipment and children's furniture. For instance I bought a baby carrier online earlier this year. It took me about an hour to read the various reviews of pros and cons of the different models. I prefer that, rather than to stand for half an hour down in the local baby store before the staff have time to answer one question about baby carriers (which I also have tried)

 There are now a lot of baby shops online, which also means there is a huge selection of different baby equipment and children's furniture. If you are in doubt about the store you are considering buying from is sure, check for example. their Facebook page. Here you can also often see what customers think of the store, if you look at the reviews. Is it a page without reviews, and with few followers, I would probably not shop there. If it's in courage, a well-known old webshop with many good reviews, then it's something completely different.

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