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Who are the Indigo children and adults?
Jan Tober interviewed Nancy Ann Tappe in her ground breaking book The Indigo Children..The new kids have arrived co-authored with Lee Carroll.
In her interview she asks Nancy about the Indigos. Nancy was the first person to identify and write about the Indigo phenomenon in her book Understanding Your Life Through Color
Nancy called them Indigos because of the color she saw. She is a color intuitive. Nancy began seeing the color Indigo surrounding babies and children sometime in the 70's. As she watched more and more started arriving and they tended to have the same behavior similarities. As time went on there was a huge increase in children who were diagnosed with ADHD and learning disabilities. (There still is)

Indigos are very strong willed individuals and very sensitive to energy. They are very good at detecting if someone is lying or telling the truth. Indigos are great at trusting what they feel. They don't have any patience for status quo or misrepresentations.

They tend to be the rule breakers. They don't usually fit into so called box learning situations. They are very independent intelligent thinkers. Bright, intuitive, strong willed and sometimes self destructive.

Indigos are the system busters, they might be diagnosed with ADHD or other learning disorders and they don't usually fare well in school. Indigo children and adults don't learn from inside of the box. (Traditional thinking, schooling, old belief systems) They think outside of the box! They tend to challenge parents, teachers, law makers, friends and family to also think outside of the box. They have come here on a mission to flush out all the lies and non truths of the world as humanity shifts in consciousness. 

Other similarities of Indigos:

  • Seem like an old soul...they are 13 going on 30. 
  • They come into the world with a feeling of royalty
  • Frustrated very easily with systems that are ritual orientated and don't require creative thought
  • Easily see better ways of doing things
  • Can be antisocial unless with their own kind
  • They have no problem letting you know what they need
  • Traditional guilt discipline does not work at all (wait until your father gets home)
  • They have a collective job to do and they won't let anyone stand in their way.
  • Drugging them with Ritalin and other pharmaceutical drugs is not going to help. It will slow them down, distract them and can stifle their inner being. Please learn about alternative treatments and conscious parenting techniques.

Due to their intuitive abilities they tend to try and shield themselves by using drugs. Indigos often feel out of place or feel they don't belong here.

There are numerous books and articles on this topic. If you relate to any of the Indigo descriptions you should read and connect with others. Your not alone by any means. There are people with the Indigo characteristics all over our planet.

Doreen Virtue has also contributed much information about the Indigo children and the crystal children.  She says The Indigo have a collective role to play in helping humanity usher in a new era of peace. 

In raising our children we have become very familiar with the Indigo's!
I want to say thanks to my boys and their friends for all the life lessons you have taught me.

Written by: Carol Lawrence

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