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Ah gotta love David Bowie!

As most of our friends and family know we are Gypsies, well, not literally but we love to move and it has become an ongoing joke around the campfire. People just write in our new address with pencil knowing it won't be there long. 2011 isn't going to be any different, ha!

I've already been asked "Where are you guys going this year?"

As you know Phil is currently a RQC (Regional Quality Coordinator) for LensCrafters (kicking butt and taking names) and the next stepping stone in his eye care career is RDO (Regional Director of Operations). Talks of our next impending move are within arm’s reach. When the higher ups say

"Very Soon"

Those two words send excitement through our bodies but slight trepidation lingers.

It can’t happen faster enough (testing patience) but it comes sooner then you expect (panic).

We have the time frame and the possible locations (Mums the word) and we are beyond eager!

BUT we are very happy and content here as well.

We are living for right now not two months from now.

However, I do need to be aware of our future since we are scheduled to make a trip to South Dakota to visit the family but I swear every time we do we end up moving! It’s comical how it always lays out that way. It has been two years since our last trip there but life just gets in the way. God has other plans for us ha!

Not only is our living situation going to change soon but Phil and I are changing, physically any way. Dropping those LBS!

Logan is changing, becoming more and more teenage like, some days that is good and others not so good ha! Moving this time around is going to be difficult, he has already expressed to us that “This sucks!” But with crazy tween hormones in place it will probably suck less next week;-)

I’ve changed spiritually, which is a story I will share in due time.

Change is good; it’s a symphony of delight.

The question is always raised when we are getting ready for a new adventure

“Don’t you want roots?”

“Don’t you want Logan to grow up in the same house?”

My response is this

“Our roots are embedded in our family no matter where we are. And a house doesn’t make a family; it’s the family that makes it a home, as long as we are together whether it be here in Florida or Washington or Scotland.”

Each stepping stone, each adventure is for Logan, to better his life.

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies. ~Author Unknown

A simple quote but so true!

Change is growth

It’s living and breathing

It’s thriving and learning


Like the fasionable David Bowie said

Turn and face the strange

Change can be scary but it can also be liberating and exciting
Embrace the strange!

*Changing also means deleting those loonies off your facebook page;-)*

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