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We've had an action-packed month. Looking over all the activities we've completed while still going to work or school, I am sure that none of us have gotten enough sleep. There have been numerous nights in which I've looked at the clock and realized it was well past my son's bedtime. And there have been many other nights when I've looked at the clock and realized it was past my bedtime.

And that bums me out, because I know how important sleep is for all our health.

My son's schedule has shifted dramatically this year because his school start time changed, but we were really careful to ensure that he was still going to bed at a time he could still get around 9 hours of sleep. Nine hours sounds like a long, luxurious amount of time to an adult, but it is actually the minimum amount of recommended time for his age group

There will be plenty of times in my son's life when he will not make sleep a priority: When he is up late hanging out with friends, or when he is cramming for a test in college, or when he is awake at night trying to get his own child to sleep. But for now, I should be the one to ensure he is sleeping enough.

That means that I have to pay attention to the clock. And maybe (hopefully) that will remind me to pay attention to the clock for myself so that I get to bed on time, too.

How many hours of sleep does your child get at night? Share the number in the comments.

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