I'm so proud of my husband! He saw a need, figured out a plan and made a website to raise money and awareness. He loves helping the people here in Nicaragua! Check it

Due to the massive amount of rain we have received in Nicaragua thousands of families have been pushed out of their homes. It has recently come to
our attention that our neighbors down the beach in Tolas Maydas are
in need of help. To see how Campo Alegria could help we decided to go check out the situation.

The road into the village was covered in water and was so deep our truck barely passed through. Water has funneled from the sugar cane fields,
across the road and right into the homes. The ground is saturated with
the continuous rain and the water levels have risen so high there is
no where for it to drain. While some families have felt the effects
more than others, most homes have been effected. At some houses the
water has rose just high enough to be inconvenient, resulting in
walking through a bit of mud to reach the door step. While other
houses have become islands, surrounded by water on all sides. In both
of these scenarios the families are able to continue living in their
homes. However, other families were not so fortunate. For them the
water has risen high enough to fill their homes with a couple feet of
muddy brown water.

On our way back through the village we visited the school where the families had relocated. About 20 families total where packed tightly
together in five classrooms. There was one shared pot for all twenty
families to cook in and the mayor graciously donated five days worth
of rice and beans. However, after the week is through the families
will be own their own. "Where do the kids go to school now that
everyone is living here?" we asked. One man explained there hasn't
been school since they moved in. Soon though, some classes will start
in the church while others will meet in homes.
The situation certainly is not ideal. We wanted to help in a way that would be of long term assistance to the community and find a way to open
up the school. After mulling over a couple of ideas, talking with
several families in the community and speaking with the mayor we
finally settle on this idea: The Chanpa Project
Click here to learn more about what we are doing.

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